TAC 164 – a Z sport..wagon? & a talk with the “Miata Man!”

(10-12-2019) – My stepson Stan has been a proud owner of a 1991 Mazda Miata over a year now, he’s replaced the engine with a newer, low mileage model, reupholstered the interior, and put in a roll bar with determination you normally see on TVs Wheeler Dealers. So Marta and I decided to trek down to the recent “Japanese Classic Car Show” in Long Beach, CA to check out not only the usual Bugs, Beamers and Celicas (oh my)….but the more unusual models imported like Skylines, and yes even the Nissan “Gloria”. (Think Asian Pontiac)

I love oddball, unusual cars you never see, and now that 25 years have flown by, those cars are now eligible to import to the US. This is the 58 Rambler-ish looking 62-65 Nissan Cedric

Or a later Cedric/Gloria with “Mustang” looking taillights.

I caught up with the owner of a Datsun Z…”Sportwagon”, a car that was actually a model envisioned by the Z original designer along with a Z “Targa” and a Z that could actually fit four passengers as well as the two seater Z fans know and love. Jay Ataka worked with the original Z designer and made his own “Sportwagon”. Also the guru behind the Mazda Miata, Tom Matano, talks about how the vehicle came about, and the deal Mazda cut him when he wanted a Miata of his own. (You are not going to believe it!). Plus, what if you wanted your own Skyline, Gloria, or other car from Japan….or one from Austrailia or wherever. Sean Morris of Top Rank Importers on the how to’s of reaching out and getting a car anywhere in the world!