TAC 165 – doing an 007 with a DB 11 & meeting the “MotorHead Mama”

(10-12-2019) – Every year, Southern California’s “Motor Press Guild” holds a “Test Drive O’Rama” where Manfacturers bring vehicles and “automotive journalists” drive them in….MPG’s Drive Day! My automotive line up began with a prototype LEXUS RX. F series SUV

It’s a well handling vehicle with great cornering and very comfortable inside. (Listen to my “open mic” with a Lexus rep)….then I climbed into the cab of a Ram “Rebel” Diesel!

Which performed like you’d expect, except it’s a diesel, and didn’t smell like one. Very capable wheels that always make you think you’ve had a testosterone injection afterwards. Then….from a reall big truck to a not so big 4 door

The Fiat 500 L….”L” for longer than usual…..as you see I sort of took it…Four Wheelin’….then I got big again with …the Hyundai Palisade

With a remarkable “blind spot” camera that shows up when you turn on your turn signals…and it shows up on your instrument cluster….

And then I wrapped it up with a lottery earned Aston Martin DB 11 Voltage!! (Insert James Bond movie song here). Then I compared notes with Corvette Story’s Paul Pollock and the “MotorHead Mama” Amelia Dalgaard!