TAC 166 – “Growing up in Disneyland” and a Mustang story from Thorny’s kid!

Top Left, Disneyland Autopia cars, Top Right, cast of TV show “Hazel” including Don DeFore & Shirley Booth, Bottom left, Don & Shirley, bottom right, host Randy Kerdoon and Ron DeFore

(10-29-2019) – What’s it like growing up the son of a big time TV and movie actor? Ron DeFore explains how he found out his dad, Don DeFore, co-star of 1950s and 60’s classic’s ”the adventures of Ozzie and Harriet“ and “Hazel” was a bit of a celebrity! Ron’s story of how his dad used to get 1 year leases on cars for a mere 1 dollar bill, is evidence of what can happen to a TV Star, plus Ron has other great car stories AND Disneyland stories.

Courtesy : Disneyland

Don DeFore was more than just an actor, he was a shrewd businessman too. He’s the first actor to ever have a restaurant in his name at a Disneyland restaurant. Ron has great stories and there was a lot of laughs with him, Randy and Hot Rod Bob Beck!

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