TAC 167 – A wheeler dealer on “nappies”, kettle corn, and his new show about building a 1 seater from scratch!

“Hot Rod” Bob Beck, Henric Nieminen, Ant Anstead, Randy Kerdoon & Chris Hill

(10-29-2019) – Talking with Ant Anstead of Wheeler Dealers is always fun! He’s always well spoken, funny, knows how to wrench on cars, (despite as he puts it, “no formal training) and is a bit “Type A”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, after all it takes “drive” to get to where he is in the automotive world.

After recent remodeling of their Huntington Beach workshop made their “green room” disappear, we bolted into the office of producers Chris Hill and Henric Nieminen where they were (unknowingly) about to participate in our talk with Ant! What followed was a fun back and forth about his new son “Hudson” (with wife Christina Anstead of HGTV’s “Flip or Flop”), diaper genies, why can’t movie theaters offer “kettle corn”, just how many times he washes his hands a day, and….oh, yeah….his new show “Ant Anstead – Master Mechanic” on the Motor Trend app!

Ant did take Bob and I to task (tongue in cheek) for not watching the show in advance of the interview, but usually someone sends us a sneak preview of the show. Eventually, after listening to Ant….guilt crept in and the realization of how affordable the app is, and it was pretty much a “must do” for car guys, we sprung for it.

REVIEW : that Ant Anstead-Master Mechanic is a great show. It also reminds me a lot of his wife’s solo show, “Christina on the Coast” in style with a faster pace than WD, fun snippets and something that Christina doesn’t do….address the audience (or the 4th wall). You leave every episode feeling like you and Ant are buddies and he’s letting you follow him around as he’s putting his Alfa shaped Formula one classic roadster together. It’s worth a look, and….if you get the Motor Trend app, then you can watch pretty much anything that’s ever aired on the former Velocity Channel and More! My favorite, is catching the Steve Magnante’s “RoadKill Junkyard Gold”, and one day, I’ll try watching 15 years of the original Top Gear!

Click below to listen to our fun talk with Ant, Chris, Henric, Bob and myself….and note Ant says one day we can do a podcast IN his classic 56 Porsche! He said it, it’s in there….

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