TAC 168 – A man with “Pure Vision” & what Kevin Hart’s ‘Cuda crash could mean for car builders!

Above : PGA golfer Kevin Na and his caddy Kenny Harms getting the keys to a 73 Challenger. Below : Randy, Steve Strope, Hot Rod Bob

(11/09/2019) – The man behind some cool classic car builds at his “Pure Vision” shop in Simi Valley, California sat down with hosts Randy Kerdoon and “Hot Rod” Bob Beck for some opinionated conversation in TAC 168. (And 169). Steve Strope had a 6 episode run on then Velocity TV (now Motor Trend) in a show called “Hand Built Hot Rods”. He’s always been outspoken, so we managed to ask a question about the recent accident involving actor/comedian Kevin Hart’s custom 70s Plymouth ‘Cuda with a Dodge Demon 800+ horsepower engine under the hood, on Mulholland Highway in Calabasas.

As the media reported, Hart was the passenger in the car one night with a friend behind the wheel, and the friends fiancée sitting basically on the hump in the back (there was no back seat, similar to an AMX set up)….when they turned onto Mulholland….went a short distance and drove off the road into a ravine causing serious injuries to Hart and the driver. Will there be lawsuits against the Cuda builder and will it result in air bags in all future builds and more??

You are going to want to hear Steve’s response that THAT…..In Part 1 of our 2 part interview!