TAC 170 – Where’s Edd? With us, on his casual lofa, talking about his book, ice cream, parliment and more!

(11-17-2019) – What could be better than talking with the lanky and affable former Wheeler Dealer Edd China? Hanging with Edd on his “casual lofa” motorized sofa and yes, it does have front and back lights, turn signals (in the flower pots), a speedometer in the clock, hand controls for gas (a “Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup handle), brakes (a can of beer) and steering (a pizza container with an actual faux pizza inside).

Randy and his wife Marta had a chance to take a ride with Edd (it’s all over our social media). We’re told the “lofa” can get up to 80 miles an hour, but we’re not so sure we want to be a passenger at that speed unless we are covered by layers of bubble wrap!

The Lofa “Pizza Wheel“

Where’s Edd now on your TV? Edd has some answers, plus we talk about his great book “Grease Junkie”, his electric ice cream truck, his car rebuild show on you tube, and fans ask Edd questions! Check out the podcast below, LISTEN, LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW US, and SUBSCRIBE! (it’s free)