TAC 171 – Down goes Jacobs, Down goes Jacobs! With Chris, AJ & Garlits!

Top Left : Hot Rod Bob with “Big Daddy” Don Garlits; Top Right : Adrienne “AJ” Janic; Bottom, Bob, Randy Kerdoon & Chris Jacobs.

(11-23-2019) – Dateline the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas! Hard to believe that the first original classic car “makeover” show, “Overhaulin” appeared 15 years ago in 2004. It featured car designer Chip Foose, prankster and car guy Chris Jacobs and the daughter of a race car driver, Courtney Hansen. Adrienne Janic, the late Jessi Combs (still not used to writing that) and Ariana Celeste would later follow. The Show took a break in 2008….resumed in 2012, and once and for all ended in 2015. Or did it? It’s back for a 3rd incantation on Motor Trend with Foose, Jacobs and “AJ” (who happens to be the wife of producer Bud Brutsman.). There will be some differences with this new “Overhaulin’ which Chris and AJ tell Randy and Bob in this new podcast. It also includes a first for the show, the first time Jacobs gets punched while pranking the owner of the car they will be Overhaulin’. WAS CHRIS KO’d? More importantly….DID HE STAY IN CHARACTER??

BEHIND THE SCENES : Chris and A.J. have been friends of TAC for some time. We caught up with Chris at the Motor Trend/Discovery booth, located near area at SEMA where vehicles are often flying over dirt mounds or shredding tires to show their handling around curves. Not conducive to audio interviews (remember during TAC #100 when our interview with Mike and Ant from Wheeler Dealers were done with the sounds of tire pieces pelting the walls of the tent where the interviews took place). So…Chris led us into a small booth on the Motor Trend complex, surprising some camera, audio and director guys who were setting up a promo shoot. So, we actually had an audience…of 3. Hmmm, wonder if the cameras were on? A.J. stopped by the Mooneyes booth (where we called home at SEMA) where not only did she give a great interview….but was kind enough to autograph us a couple of her new car calendars! “Classy enough to show your wives and girlfriends” she told us. She was right! Thanks A.J.!

Also at SEMA, “Hot Rod” Bob caught up with NHRA legend “Big Daddy” Don Garlits. (Ever notice anyone connected to drag racing has a “nickname” attached to their name?). The interview was fun, and with Garlits holding nothing back, educational and amusing! The 87 year old also talks about his current EV dragster project!

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