TAC 172 : Going into the wayback machine to visit Richard Carpenter

Host Randy Kerdoon & Richard Carpenter (The Carpenters)

(12-01-2019) – Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving break! For this week’s episode we dusted off a 2015 interview I did with music icon and real “car guy” Richard Carpenter, who with his late sister Karen wow’d the music world with their tunes! Richard is quite the car guy, and while he favors Mopars, he has his share of other brands like a mid sixties front wheel drive Cadillac’s Eldorado to a Mark II Continental. I caught up with Richard at his warehouse in the Conejo Valley outside of Los Angeles. He loves to talk cars! While I posted several pics from his collection on my Talking About Cars facebook page, I’ll post two here.

A 1956 Chrysler 300B

Note the picture above and the dark 1965 Plymouth Belvedere convertible behind it. That car was actually bought by Richard’s father, and stayed in the family. The car was actually one of two Carpenter owned cars that appeared on Carpenters album covers.

1957 Chrysler Imperial converible

Once again it’s not about the car you see, but what’s behind it. That got red car in the windshield, is the other car that appeared in a Carpenter’s album cover. A Ferrari that Richard was less than thrilled about the shot used for that cover. He explains why in the podcast. It reminds me that I need to return to see his collection and find out if there’s anything new there today! Stay tuned!

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