TAC 173 – Barn Find trekking across the USA, Part 1.

Top Left : A 57 Olds “Barn Find, Top Ridge 1 of 18 cars owned by our guest, Bottom, “Hot Rod” Bob Beck, Tom Cotter, Randy Kerdoon

(12-07-2019) – Part of having my two classic cars insured by Hagerty Insurance is getting their weekly updates of stories and nice “car content”. Twice a month, I get directed to watch a cool show called “Barn Find Hunter” on YouTube. Think “Chasing Classic Cars” but just to take pictures and ask about the car’s history, not buy them. The host is the affable Tom Cotter, who tools around most of the time in a 1939 Ford Woody Wagon. Cotter told “Hot Rod” Bob and I at our spot in the Mooneyes booth at SEMA last month that the wagon usually is the difference in whether he gets to look at cars or not. Unlike some shows, where producers call in advance and set up meetings, Tom likes to just show up in some small town, and ask car people he sees about where the cool Barn Finds could be. Through a network of these “one thing leads to another” conversations, comes some great car finds. Sure, the cars aren’t running most of the time….but the stories they are part of are worth the time!

Photo courtesy of Tom Cotter

Cotter notes he personally has 18 cars, which he attempts to list for us, including the Morris Minor in the graphic at the top and the car shown above. Cotter hasn’t quite hit all 50 states yet…..but plans to sometime….where oh where will he go next? Check out “Barn Find Hunter” on YouTube, and please listen to Part 1 of our interview with Tom by clicking the link below. Part 2 comes up along with a holiday gift idea with our TAC pal “Fireball” Tim this Thursday, December 12th!

Next to my favorite on line shows, “Ant Anstead – Master Mechanic”, Scott Newstead’s “Cold War Motors”, and Steve Magnante’s Junkyard Gold….”Barn Find Hunter” is a must see!

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