TAC 174 – Tom’s stories (part 2), Elon’s truck, Fireball’s coloring books.

(12-15-2019) – This week, we continue our SEMA conversation with Tom Cotter of “Barn Find Hunter” (who admittedly had enough stories to pack a Part 3, 4 or 12), we catch up with our pal “Fireball Tim” Lawrence to chat about Elon Musk’s radical Tesla pickup truck, and Fireball’s latest creations, car coloring books!!

The Tesla truck concept

The Tesla truck has been an odd duck. Some have compared it to a child’s stick drawing come true, others tout it as a preview into car design of the future (or a Pontiac Aztec on steroids). Whatever it is, Fireball (his real name) is hesitant to put forth a definative opinion before he actually gets to drive it or at least ride in it. He has a point. We are visual beings, what if this Tesla proves to be amazing? And HOW many people put down $100 deposits on that truck?? Someone is going to be very disappointed….or ecstatic. Stay tuned.

Are you a doodler? Need something to take your mind off the world or, have kids Or grandkids who could be introduced to the fabulous world of cars and trucks? Check out Fireball Tim’s cool coloring books, (available at Amazon and at certain car museums in California). FT talks about those and more!! Thanks for listening and being a fan of our podcast. Click below to hear the entire podcast, and please tell your car pals about us, Share us on FB, Retweet on Twitter, and show your support by following us on social media!! Thanks!!

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