TAC 175 – Hanging with Dina & Car Chix!

Randy, Jeanette Desjardins of Car Chix, racer driver Dina Parise, Hot Rod Bob at SEMA 2019

(12-30–2019) – For many, hanging with “Chix” can be fun. Hanging with “CAR Chix” can be awesome!! Randy and “Hot Rod” Bob spent time at their “interview central” spot at the Mooneyes Booth with drag racer Dina Parise, and the head of “Car Chix” Jeanette Desjardins (prounced Day-jar-day….it’s a French/Canadian thing). The conversation was fun, and we learned about Cadillac dragsters, and the “Chix”, a group of women car nuts that love 4 wheels. Check them out by clicking he podcast below!!

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