TAC 176 – Chachi’s favorite wheels, Scott’s car buying tips!

Randy, Scott Baio and “Hot Rod” Bob at the “Hollywood Show”

(12-30-2019) – One of the great places to see, talk and even take pictures with your favorite celebrities, is the “Hollywood Show” put on by Dave and Ester Elkouby several times a year. We’ve been lucky enough to attend those shows and talked with many celebrities about their cool (and sometimes unknown) car stories.

Most recently Bob and I had the chance to talk with SCOTT BAIO of HAPPY DAYS and CHARLES IN CHARGE fame. Scott grew up in New York/New Jersey and the cars he grew with might surprise you. As much as he likes classic cars, a bad experience with one such car, has tempered his urge to buy a bunch of them for his garage. It’s a classic angel/devil, on my shoulders, debate.

BONUS : While Scott remembers his struggles with a certain car, it reminded me of a previous interview with TONY DOW of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER fame, as he remembers a decision surrounding a similar car! That’s part of this podcast too!

Lauren and Tony Dow with his original first car, a 63 Corvair Spyder

LISTEN to our talk with Scott, let us know what you think, and stay tuned for MORE celebs and their car stories from “the HOLLYWOOD SHOW”!! (FYI, The Next Hollywood Show is the last weekend of January 2020, go to the HollywoodShow.com website for more!

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