TAC 178 – Tales of driving a Jeep up a tree & crashing in the “Deathmobile!”

Host Randy Kerdoon, Eliza Roberts, Eric Roberts & “Hot Rod” Bob Beck

(01-19-2020) – (Binge #2), you think you know who actors are, until you find out all you know is the role the actor is playing on TV. Meeting veteran actor Eric Roberts, (older brother of Julia, dad of Emma) and his actor/manager wife Eliza (Animal House….she played Brunela “we want to dance wit yo dates”) was a stunningly cool experience. Eliza shared some behind the scenes car stories from the legendary film, while Eric shared some of his suprisingly scary car stories (nearly died in a Jeep), shocking (you won’t believe what his favorite car is that he refuses to sell to this day), and what his answer is to the question about which car is “like a VW in a Tuxedo!’ Worth the price of admission as we caught up with both at “the HOLLYWOOD SHOW”.

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