TAC 179 – Behind the scenes at MECUM after the “Bullitt” Mustang sells for $3.74 million!

NBCSN/Mecum announcer John Kraman, host Randy Kerdoon, NBCSN/Mecum co-host Scott Hoke, & the “Bullitt” Mustang!

(01-19-2020) – It was THE prize of the spring 2020 auction season. The “Bullitt” Mustang….a ‘68 fastback that the late actor Steve McQueen drove in the 1968 movie “Bullitt”. The car McQueen tried to buy back from it’s owner in the 70s….but that guy never got back to him. The car that had been paraded all over the classic car world….and Mecum had it! So…..how did Mecum get this car anyway?? Why not a host of other auction companies, from RM to Barrett-Jackson to (insert name here)? We talked with NBCSN/Mecum announcers John Kraman and Scott Hoke about that, the insane atmosphere of the sale itself, and more on our latest podcast! Plus the rest of the celebrity cars, the “Christine” ‘58 Plymouth, “Eleanor” Mustang, “Hemi Under Glass” ‘Cuda and the “Little Red Wagon” clone too at the show! “Hot Rod” Bob and I chat with the guys from Mecum! Click below to listen, and please follow our social media, like us and SUBSCRIBE (It’s free!)

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