TAC 180 – My 3 car stories with “Ernie Douglas!”

(01-23-2020) – Ever wonder….”what ever happened to that little kid Ernie from ‘My Three Sons’? The short answer is…he’s never left. Barry Livingston has been on your TV and on the movie screen pretty consistently since MTS ended, it’s just you likely haven’t recognized him, and that the way Barry likes it! Great to catch up with Barry at a recent Hollywood Show near LAX! Barry and his real brother Stanley (who played “Chip Douglas” on the show) were talking to fans and signing pictures (Stanley politely declined to join our podcast). Barry gave us some great stories about his foray into the world of classic cars, an Oldsmobile that exploded soon after he sold it. The story behind it was pretty funny actually. Then there’s the pick-up truck he was supposed to buy which explains how sometimes people behind the scenes of TV movie shoots are pretty clueless when it comes to putting their actors in cars that might be ….unsafe.

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