TAC 184 -A man, a convoy and his chimpanzee

“Hot Rod” Bob Beck, actor Greg Evigan, Randy Kerdoon, and (above) “Bear” the chimp

(02-20-2020) – One thing about attending those “Hollywood Shows” in the LA area, you never know who you will see that reminds you of growing up a fan of all things on wheels.

Back in the 70s, people driving tractor trailers were huge in movies and on TV. C.W. McCall’s song made us all want to participate in a “CONVOY” even if we were the ones in the “chartreuse micro-bus”; Jerry Reed was going “Eastbound and Down” with a shipment of Coors on the way to Florida while the late Burt Reynolds and Sally Field were near in a Trans-Am; Clint Eastwood hung out with his orangutan in “Every Which Way But Loose”, and the TV version of that, was “B.J. And the Bear” on NBC.

Greg Evigan was Billie Joe McKay with his chimp “Bear” driving the roads of america. But what was it like behind the scenes? Greg has some great car stories about his first car not wanting to slow down, and how Bear reacted during mishap with the rig…as it went downhill. Greg couldn’t have been a nicer guest. THEN, from the United Pacific booth at the Grand National Roadster show the guys caught up with Tom Stark from Colorado’s Pricision Designs and his son Blaine. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and share!! Click below to listen!!

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