TAC 186 – Wally & the Beav, Being the Bad Guy at Disneyland & the Garden Grove cruiser!

Top left, the guys with car, motorcycle builder & pinstriper Rod Sexton, below, “Hot Rod” Bob Beck, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers & Randy Kerdoon.

(03-15-2020) – Just mentioning the name “Wally and the Beav” should send your mind spinning back to a simpler time, TVs were mostly showing programs in black and white, everyone on TV was pretty innocent, no demons causing blood to ooze from eyeballs, and every problem was wrapped up in 30 minutes. Leave it to Beaver ran from 1957 to 1962, and returned in the 80s to see how the Cleaver family everyone back in the day grew up with, was handling kids on their own. Now, Tony Dow (Wally) and Jerry Mathers (the Beaver) are favorites on the Hollywood autograph show circuit, and love to talk about classic TV. Today, we offer up a “twofer”. Dow’s car stories we’ve chronicled on a previous show (TAC 64 which you can hear on Soundcloud!), Click below….

Dow joins us again, this time with Mathers who has great car stories and a story about being the “Bad Guy at Disneyland!”. THEN, Garden Grove car and motorcycle builder and pinstriper Rod Sexton joins us talk his stories from the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. LISTEN, LIKE, SHARE AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!

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