TAC 188 – We laugh, we cry, we talk cars, mini-bikes, & “Renegade” with Reno, Bobby & Cheyenne!

Branscombe Richmond, Hot Rod Bob, Kathleen Kinmont, Randy Kerdoon & Lorenzo Lamas

(03-19-2020) – from 1992 to 1997, Lorenzo Lamas, Branscombe Richmond and Kathleen Kinmont starred in “Renegade”, a “cop got framed for his girlfriends murder, breaks out of jail, is now on the run, helping people along the way” kind of tale. Once again, Bob and I visited “the Hollywood Show” and caught up with the trio.

Lorenzo was one of my first guests when I began this podcast based on interviews from a celebrity race at Irwindale (I believe KTLA weatherman Mark Kriski was also on that episode). This time, all three had tales to tell, Kinmont was married to Lamas at the time and who knew that she also raced cars years ago?

Richmond is also a stuntman, so it was fun to hear he and Lamas talk about them having to do most of their own stunts due to the shows….lack of a budget. Great car stories, great behind the scenes stories!! Click Below and check out our show….and while you are at it, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, and feel free to do some BINGE LISTENING!!! (Like, what else is there to do, no car shows, no March Madness….see my point?)

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