TAC 190 – Car Stories about “America’s favorite family…the Nelsons!”

top right, the late Ricky Nelson, top right, “uncle” Mark Harmon, bottom Matthew and Gunnar Nelson.

(04-04-2020) – Remember the old TV show “Ozzie and Harriet?” Remember their sons David and Rick Nelson? Gunnar Nelson knows them all ….like family. Because…THEY ARE family. Gunnar and his twin brother Matthew were the sons of Rick and his wife Kris (who also appeared on the show in later years). Their older sister Tracy, also appeared on TV, most notably in the “Father Dowling Mysteries” before taking a break at the turn of the century…and now has returned to acting. But back to Gunnar, who’se “people” called US about being on the podcast, and we couldn’t say YES fast enough. Gunnar and his brother are BIG car peeps, and he knows about the car world. This is a must listen podcast, not just because of his musical background (“the Nelson band”) and he knows classic cars, but his stories about his first car, the car his dad used to own that ignited his interest in cars, his grandfather Ozzie’s cars, even the cars of his uncle Mark….(Mark Harmon, Kris’ brother, of NCIS fame) are great…especially the car Harmon drives to work every morning. Gunnar was like a 7-11….he had so much stuff (car stories), this is PART ONE of TWO! LISTEN and let us know what you think…. THEN SUBSCRIBE and find out when a new episode drops every Thursday morning!! And….Uncle Mark? Since you’re probably not doing much right now with the pandemic and all….we’d love to have YOU on our show as well!! Our email is TalkingAboutCars@gmail.com FYI….hint, hint.

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