TAC 191 – Ozzie’s “Folly”, Grandpa Tom’s Riviera & Gunnar’s top 10 list!

Ozzie’s ’56 Pontiac, Grandpa Tom Harmon, Uncle Mark Harmon, the Nelson twins with their late father Rick.

(04-11-2020) – Randy and “Hot Rod” Bob’s interview with car guy Gunnar Nelson (the singer….the Nelson band) continues in this edition. Gunnar talks about his Grandfather Ozzie’s “Folly” (Ozzie Nelson of “Ozzie and Harriett” fame), their maternal Grandfather Tom Harmon’s Buick Riviera and Why it’s a painful reminder for one of the Nelson twins, what’s in Gunnar’s garage, and we asked for Gunnar’s top 5 cars on his “must get list someday”….he asked if he could give us 10. He gave us 13. Or was it 14?

Gunnar and his brother Matthew are true car guys. Not only do they own classic cars and trucks, but Gunnar talks a good game as well. Plenty of great car stories, and like the rest of us, dishes on the cool car experiences he’s had. We look forward to crossing paths with the guys in the future!

What’s really cool about Gun (uh, we can call you that now right?) is that his people contacted US about being on the show! Any other celebs out there want to talk cars with us? Contact us at talkingaboutcars@gmail.com!

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