TAC 194 – Now to our Alberta, Canada bureau…..

Scott Newstead, hosts Randy Kerdoon and Bob Beck

(05-03-2020) – In our first show since the pandemic began that has shutdown the world….we decided to get a “world view” by checking in to our buddy in Alberta, Canada….”Cold War Motor’s” Scott Newstead!!

Scott is the unequivocal champion of the title “Most downloaded guest we’ve ever had.” Our last interviews with him were in 2018 and to this day are still among the top 8 shows downloaded on a weekly basis. What is it about Scott that makes him draw a crowd like that? That he has over 43,000 followers on his youtube channel may have something to do with it. We just like his quirky show, which concentrates on the cars one rarely sees in Southern California or on the Barrett Jackson auctions. Few 2 door Camaros or Mustangs…..rural Canada loved cheap 4 door sedans from the 50s thru 70s. Where Full size Fury 1’s, Chevy Biscaynes and Ford Customs rule. Where 50s Dodges and DeSotos are merely front clips on a 50s Plymouth. Where Pontiacs are build on Chevy frames, and Chevelle’s and LeMans are spliced to make Beaumonts….where Novas become Acadians, and Fords and Mercurys go thru the DNA scrambler to become Meteors and Montcalms…..and don’t get me started on the Falcon/Frontenacs. I find it fascinating. So do 43,000 others, and Scott is finishing up his first decade of “will it start”, my favorite tires, showing off his mad metal forming skills and his field full of Kaisers, Packards, Mayfairs, and so much more. He’s also a huge Plymouth guy….and has plans for getting as many examples of their forward look cars as he can.

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