TAC 195 – The Best Munster Story Ever!

Top Left : “Munster Koach”, top right : Cold War Motors’ Scott Newstead, bottom : host Randy Kerdoon, guest Butch Patrick, co-host Bob Beck

(05-09-2020) – I’ve always thought of Butch Patrick’s story of how his late co-star Fred Gwynne (Car 54 Where Are You), who played “Herman Munster”, decided to take a detour while driving the famed “Munster Koach” with all of his co-stars in costume, onto city streets as an all time fun story. Or, maybe it was the way Patrick explained it….complete with imitations of his co-stars Yvonne DeCarlo, as “Lily Munster” and Al Lewis, who played “Grandpa Munster”. It’s funny, it’s unexpected, and it’s included in this week’s TAC 195!

We snared Butch at the last ”Hollywood Show” autograph event at Burbank earlier this year, when “Souplantation” still existed and face masks were things we thought only doctors, nurses and firefighters needed to do their jobs. Seems so long ago.

Here’s hoping you all are doing your best in these trying times. I’m working sports stories and pandemic storieS while also recording TAC from my home studio (which wasn’t a studio at all until we all began to figure out ways to make it all happen). Here’s to all of us getting back to some sort of normalcy soon. In the meantime, Bob and I will continue to do “Zoom-like” meetings for my podcasts…and will put the videos up on youtube soon after the audio versions show up on Radio.com, KNX1070.com and here on TalkingAboutCars.net!

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