TAC 196 – These “Car Kings” are driven!!

Co-host Bob Beck, “Mad Mike” Martin, co-host Randy Kerdoon, Dave Shuten, Beau Boeckmann of “Car Kings”

(05-17-2020) – Heard those wild guys from “Pimp My Ride” were at it again! Beau Boeckmann and “Mad Mike’ Martin (Galpin Auto Sports or GAS) along with mechanic Dave Shuten have landed on Discovery TV for a new show called “Driv…”. Er, “Car Kings!” (Funny, I was once on an MTV show called “Driven”, which was the story of how musicians made it big from the viewpoint of friends, family members, and others they grew up with. My 9 seconds on the “Weird Al” edition were nearly my “Lame Claim to Fame”. But enough about me…..)

“Car Kings” is not another build show. It’s a build show where cars from history are brought back to life (not to be confused with Graveyard Cars, which brings back to life only Mopars….not that there’s anything wrong with that). Beau and the boys bring back a classic Ed Roth vehicle….

…..a Pantera that was once a mule for what eventually became the first Viper, a classic bathroom car that included 2 bathtubs and a porcelain throne as a drivers seat….

….and so much more! It’s fun to watch the guys do their thing….and certainly worth your time to start DVR’ing the show!

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