TAC 197 – “Addicted” to 50’s & 60’s Cars & Americana!

Charles Phoenix, “Hot Rod” Bob Beck and Randy Kerdoon

(05-24-2020) – It’s amazing what you remember after all these years. I remember going with my dad to the local Pontiac dealer on LaBrea Ave, down the street from our apartment for a look at the new 1959 Pontiacs, to see if it was “trade in time.” I remember the glistening rows of new 1959 Pontiacs there, thinking basically….how cool is this? Which one do I like better? (Makes me about 4 years old at the time). That just was one day. This week’s guest Charles Phoenix’s dad owned a used car lot in Ontario, California. He was at a car lot…ALL THE TIME!

That turned into a lifelong love affair with older cars for Charles. A trip to a second-hand store led to another lifelong love affair. Kodachrome slides. People taking pics of their vacations, have turned into a treasure trove of imagines all these years later. Oddball and creatively designed ice cream shops, coffee shops, even cylindrical doughnut places were uncovered and Charles made it pay, giving slide shows highlight the visuals, and his own hilarious takes on what the audience was seeing. He also has figured out how to buy 50’s and 60’s cars laden with fins looking original enough to like they just stepped out of the pages of LIFE magazine.

Charles gives us some fun car stories, the cars he had that caught fire (two of them); the one that decided to take a ride down a hill, while he watched from his living room; and the correct way of approaching a person about buying their collector car. Some of the stories stem from his You-Tube “Joyride” series.

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