It’s a miracle, now you can WATCH a TAC interview!!

(06-20-2020) – A lot of sad and tragic things have happened in this pandemic, but one good thing? The world has suddenly learned how to use Zoom, and other social communication apps. People who work from home, people who just want to see a familiar face while under “stay at home” orders. While realizing doing “Talking About Cars” interviews the old fashioned way was out….in person, or over the phone, the Zoom-like option was the best of both worlds. When recorded, you have both audio, AND. Video! That led to where we are today. Joining my co-host “Hot Rod” Bob Beck, who has been the host of “Great American Auto Scene” or “GAAS” since 1990, we have formed “Too Tired Guys Productions.” We have created a “YouTube” Channel to host our new videos, as well as Classic Videos from, the “Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon” youtube channel which I have no control over, and Bob’s GAAS shows.

We are in a “20 in 20” marathon to start the channel up. 20 new and classic videos of Talking About Cars and GAAS in 20 days! So far, our TAC offerings include new shows with the stars of “Car Kings”, Beau Boeckmann, “Mad Mike” Martin, and Dave Shuten; “Cold War Motors” host and producer Scott Newstead; Author, Mid-Century Car and Lifestyle guy Charles Phoenix; “All Girls Garage” co-stars Bogi and Faye Hadley, as well as Classic Shows with Dave Kindig of “Bitchen Rides”, Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic Cars and Dan & “Pay the Lady” Laura from Storage Wars!.

We invite you to SEE what you’ve been HEARING all these years on on soundcloud, as well as! If you like, please SUBSCRIBE, and comment. Also share with your friends.

TAC 198/199 – Bogi & Faye from “All Girls Garage”
TAC 196 – “Car Kings” – Beau Boeckmann, “Mad Mike” Martin, Dave Shuten

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