TAC 202 – The best driver in the Earnhardt family…isn’t named Dale.

Randy & Hiot Rod Bob are joined by Kelley Earnhardt Miller.

(06-28-2020) – Think of the name “Earnhardt” and you immediately go to NASCAR. One of the names associated with NASCAR royalty. Ralph Earnhardt started it. Then came his son Dale…(later known as Dale Senior) and his son Dale Jr followed, and several other Earnhardts are in the pipeline. But Kelley Earnhardt Miller’s turn behind the wheel impressed many. Sure, she didn’t race in NASCAR, but she enjoyed her time racing before moving on to now co-owning JR Motorsports with brother Dale Jr. and Rick Hendrick. Kelley wrote a new book and she talks about that along with how NASCAR is dealing with the confederate flag, the Wendell Scott situation and more! Listen below on radio.com and then in a few weeks watch the video on our new #TooTiredGuys Productions channel on youtube!

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