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(08-17-2020) – it’s been a crazy month here at the building! Dealing with so many crazy things from the Pandemic, to discovering Zoom, to scheduling podcasts, to watching most of our nearby car shows getting cancelled….so, we’ve been a little LAX (That’s lax….not LAX as in LA’s airport) getting our shows up for you to check out! So, let’s catch up…..

Talking About Cars 203/204 is with Ed Justice Jr of Justice Brothers fame! His family began the company pitching Wynns Friction Proofing lubricants, and eventually began their own product line when Wynn decided they could do it better without JB. Uh, how is that working? Is Wynn’s even a product anymore?

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TALKING ABOUT CARS #206 – Brett Wagner (the Big Schwab)

Fun to have Brett back for another go with Randy and “Hot Rod” Bob….his pandemic experiences…..and his connection with the reincarnation of “MONSTER GARAGE!”

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Our pal Rodney Allen Rippy from “Blazing Saddles” and Jumbo Jack fame joins us to get a unique view, not only of his own personal car perferences, but his pandemic experiences, and being in his home of Long Beach, CA during the Black Lives Matter protests and riots. Oh, yeah and cars….too!

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Randy stumbled across Brian, Nick and Regular Car Reviews thanks to his stepdaughter Amy and stepson Stan…..who are BIG RCR fans. Stan even bought his Mazda Miata after watching one of their reviews on his car….so Stan joined us interviewing “Mr. Regular”….and got a bit of a shock when he found out something!

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One idea we had…..was a segment on TV Cars. Many TV Car “clones” show up in the LA area in car shows….so we figured why not try to get owners of said cars….to talk about them, and for our Youtube audience …..give us a tour of the cars! I went so well, we decided to keep it going!

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