TAC 167 – A wheeler dealer on “nappies”, kettle corn, and his new show about building a 1 seater from scratch!

“Hot Rod” Bob Beck, Henric Nieminen, Ant Anstead, Randy Kerdoon & Chris Hill (10-29-2019) – Talking with Ant Anstead of Wheeler Dealers is always fun! He’s always well spoken, funny, knows how to wrench on cars, (despite as he puts … Continue reading

TAC 165 – doing an 007 with a DB 11 & meeting the “MotorHead Mama”

(10-12-2019) – Every year, Southern California’s “Motor Press Guild” holds a “Test Drive O’Rama” where Manfacturers bring vehicles and “automotive journalists” drive them in….MPG’s Drive Day! My automotive line up began with a prototype LEXUS RX. F series SUV It’s … Continue reading