TAC 114 – “Horny” Mike and his “Woodie”

(05-25-2018) – From the “Celebrity Stage” at the Classic Auto Show in LA, our Randy Kerdoon had a chance to talk with “Horny” Mike and Kevin Mack from History Channel’s “Counting Cars!”   Both have some cool wheels in their garages.    From a 1955 school bus sporting…what else…HORNS, to Kevin’s 69 Cadillac, both have the off-beat chemistry that ads to Danny “the Count” Koker’s custom shop in Las Vegas.    Randy, Kevin and the “Hornmeister” talk about how they joined the garage (and the show), the hierarchy of the Challenger world, Mike’s table making abilities, the real reason Mike bought a Woodie and we take questions from the audience!    Remember, LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE/RETWEET, COMMENT AND if you listen on iTunes….RATE US 5 STARS!!    Thanks!!

TAC 113 – when is a “Continental” NOT a Lincoln? & Dave SINGS!

(05-10-2018) – Our TAC pal, Dave Kindig from “Bitchen Rides” on Velocity joining me on the “Celebrity Stage” at this years Classic Auto Show in LA!    We talked about what it was like fixing up your father-in-law’s car (no pressure there, right?), when was a Continental NOT a Lincoln….(it happened two years….listen below to find out when) and DAVE SINGS!!!    (Won’t tell you what song it was….other than, I joined him and it was ….what you thought it would be!).    We also took questions from fans in the audience!

One side note, after posting the podcast on our Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon Facebook page….I tried to promote it, only to discover, that according to Facebook….the word “Bitchen”….is basically a cuss word.    Not only was the promotion denied, but when I appealed it on the basis of it being a legitimate term, and title of an actual Velocity/Discovery TV show….IT WAS DENIED AGAIN!    Whoa.   Things you learn when you least expected it!    Listen to our “non-promotable” podcast below!

TAC 112 – How much is my car worth #StickerShock

(4-27-18) – We’ve all asked that question.    “What’s my classic car worth?”   Now a new show on Discovery Channel will ask that question in a new weekly show, “Sticker Shock”.     The premise is simple, people bring their classics to a warehouse, where a car experts look it over, research some information, and then tell the owner, what they think it’s worth.    Think “Antiques Roadshow” on wheels.

   Todd Wertman and Nick Smith know their cars (and motorcycles) and know this show has been very educational.    On “TAC 112” with Randy Kerdoon and guest co-host Bob Beck (Great American Auto Scene/GAAS), they talk about their own car history, car stories, and some of the wheels they saw during taping of the reality show that was taped in an LA warehouse that was torn down soon after shooting ended.    (Makes you wonder if there is a season two, what they’ll do for a new set.).  Todd talks about working for actor Nic Cage and why Cage LOVES him as a provider of classic cars, and Nick talks about the bike he’ll never sell.

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TAC 111 – Legal & not so legal racing

(04-12-2018) – Two forms of racing that couldn’t be farther apart in acceptance.    Both can happen on city streets, both can be attended by many people, but only one….is legal.     This week on Talking About Cars podcast #111, I talk IndyCar with Northern California native Alexander Rossi, who won the Indy 500 the first time he drove in it, and is ready for his 3rd Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Going into Long Beach, Alexander stands 2nd in the driver’s standings, and hopes to do better than his previous finishes in Long Beach (19th last year and 20th in 2016).   Also on the show this week!   Our pal Doug Stokes who is wrapping up a long run with Irwindale Speedway!

You talkin’ about me?   Nope, we’re talkin’ about You!!   Doug is a former SCCA racer himself, he’s seen or promoted just about every kind of racing there is.    Like many of us he’s been alarmed by what he sees on the street where car enthusiasts take part in “sideshows”, closing down parts of roads, even freeways to smoke the rubber off their tires while doing burnouts, “donuts” and more, before their “fun” is broken up by police.    Usually there are arrests, tickets and cars being impounded.   Doug fills us in on the new “B.O.X.” At Irwindale, that allows for that kind of activity….and it’s all legal!!

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TAC 110 – 2 Girls, and a podcaster share the CAS “Celebrity Stage!”

(03-30-2018) – For a car guy, this is living the dream!    Not only “hanging” with incredibly cool cars, but cool car people!!   If you’ve seen the Velocity TV show “All Girls Garage”, you recognize the two women with me in the above picture, Bogi Lateiner and Rachel DeBarros.   Bogi was one of the original “AGG” mechanics (alongside Cristy Lee and Jessi Combs) who showed they knew their stuff when it came to working on cars, altho’ …it’s okay to admit you originally tuned for the “eye candy.”  When Jessi exited the show, Rachel came on board after her youtube series “Gearhead Diva” caught the network’s attention with her hands-on work with cars and entertaining presentation.

Bogi’s fantastic 57 Chevy “Montage” pickup was at the recent Classic Auto Show in Los Angeles, complete with a BMW motor under the hood (listen to the podcast below to get the story behind that).   The truck was more than just a build for Bogi, she brought along some 89 women who at one time or another worked on the car to make it “show ready”.   Bogi and Rachel were fun and told stories about how someone could begin on a trek to a “normal” career, before veering into another that would always keep their hands dirty, but their minds at peace.

Also on this week’s podcast….

Our pal, Jeff Gilbert from WWJ Radio in Detroit!   His “Tales from the Auto Beat” podcast makes for an interesting listen on radio.com, and he reports on car industry for CBS Radio.    Jeff gives us the latest from the New York Auto Show!!

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TAC 109 – from “Trucks” to “Gearz”, Stacey David’s classic ride!

(03-23-2018) – Stacey David enters his 20th season as a host of car entertainment TV shows like “Trucks” and currently “Gearz” on Velocity and MAV TV.   David is one of those personalities who is a genuinely nice guy who speaks from the heart.    I caught up with him at the Classic Auto Show as the MC of the Celebrity Stage.    You might be surprised at the car that first caught his eye at a young age, and the movie car that reinforced that feeling.    He also talks about his first attempt at rebuilding a car (at the age of 11), and how a basketball helped him meet country music legend Johnny Cash!    We even find out that…Stacey is another car show host that is musically inclined!

Check out Stacey’s Cougar “Eliminator”


Also check out friend of the show Cassie Nunez as she “Plugs away” to tell us about a cool charity car show coming up in April and the latest on her 68 Chevy Malibu!

TAC 108 – Wayne ‘n Steve at CASLA & Kurt on his new Ford GT

(03-15-2018) – Another great Classic Auto Show is in the books for LA, with expansion to TWO halls and some new additions to the celebrity roster!    Of course celebrity cars were also in attendance!  Actor/Comedian Tim Allen wasn’t there, but his ‘55 Ford built by Moal Coachworks was, as was former wrestler Bill Goldberg and his cool Dodge Charger!

….Chip Foose’s ‘71 Mustang body was meticulously shrunken down to fit over a 2017 era Mustang Chassis complete with Camaro taillights!

 …..Chris Jacobs (Overhaulin’, Long Lost Family) had his ‘68 GTX at the show, altho he wasn’t there….

And Stacey David of “Gearz” had his Mercury Cougar “Interceptor” on hand (note the cool guitar….Stacey is quite the musician as well)

Local LA auto reporter Dave Kunz added his ‘67 Bullitt like Ford Mustang and he later hosted a panel to talk about the classic movie starring the late Steve McQueen, and the buzz that has followed after the REAL Bullitt Mustang showed up in New Jersey.

The real fun for me (and it was quite an honor) was hosting their “Celebrity Stage” on opening day, just like Chris Jacobs did in 2017, and Mike Brewer of “Wheeler Dealers” did on day 2 and 3 this year.    I talked with the “who’s who” of those who host car shows on TV.    David, Foose,  Wayne Carini, Dave Kindig, Dennis Gage, Bogi Lateiner & Rachel DeBarros (All Girls Garage) and Horny Mike & Kevin Mack (Count’s Kustoms).    When I wasn’t laughing and asking them questions, fans in attendance had their chance!    It was quite a show, (and a Classic Auto Show is coming to Chicago later this year!)

My interview with Wayne and car builder/customizer Steve Moal are on this addition of TAC with the rest of the Celebrity Stage sessions coming over the next 4 weeks.

Also on TAC 108, NASCAR’s Kurt Busch who was in LA for the Auto Club 400 at Fontana.    We talk about his newest car and how it got him on TMZ, who is the hottest driver so far this year, why barf bags will never work in a race, and….what happens when you really….gotta go during a race?   (Listener question, not mine).   Quick comeback….well…it depends!  (Cue the rolling of the eyes and Insert rimshot here).



TAC 107 – Two Car hosts who play in a rock n’ roll band!!

(03-02-2018) – Back when the Moody Blues sang “I’m just a singer in a rock ‘n roll band” (1972 FYI), it seemed we all had hair to our shoulders and rocked out to the rhythms.    Now that music seems to still resonate in our heads, we have other things on our minds, like how cool would it be to host a car auction!!    John Kraman and Scott Hoke of the Mecum Auctions on NBC Sports net and Facebook LIVE, have the best of both worlds!   Kraman and Hoke talked about their music backgrounds on our latest podcast, Talking About Cars #107!    Other subjects, include the most colorful guests on their broadcasts (one showed up with a piano), Scott’s connection to the 2000 NBA Finals, and John’s childhood experience with George Barris’ Batmobile, why you should NEVER waive at someone at a car auction…and much more!!   LISTEN below and help our little podcast that could, GROW!    After you listen below, go to iTunes, rate our podcast and make a comment!   It would really help us out!!

TAC 106 – Time to “Impress and get him to Confess!”…or something like that

(02-16-2018) – How well do you really know Donald Osborne?   Sure you see him and his Operatic voice on “Jay Leno’s Garage”, he can tell the difference between a Pontiac and a Peugeot, but did you know he’s also a prolific automotive journalist?   Loves Sedans over Convertibles?    Once compared Leno’s incredible car collection to a “Roach Motel”?   (he said that in a good way….BTW, Jay agreed with his assessment).    Donald joins myself and guest co-host Bob Beck of GAAS (Great American Auto Scene) in a very fun interview, click below to listen!   Osborne will also be at the Classic Auto Show at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, March 2nd thru the 4th.    He will be autographing his new book, as well as give a couple of seminars, that should be a lot of fun!!

TAC 105 – So Cal native returns for the NHRA Winternationals!

(02-04-2018) – Once the Super Bowl is over, a new NHRA season begins with the Winternationals at Pomona, California!!   Last year was a remarkable one for 29 year old Leah Pritchett who grew up in Redlands piloting junior dragsters with her sister, and eventually staged one of the more remakable career comebacks in 2016 when she lost her sponsor in mid-season, and rebounded in 2017 with 5 top fuel victories!

Leah joins us in Talkiing About Cars #105 and talks about the upcoming season, her thing about Mopars (she was sitting in her Dodge Hellcat during her phone interview in the middle of a mild snowfall in Indianapolis), explaining what non-Mopar car she’s always wanted to put a Mopar crate engine in (it’s a bit of an eyebrow raiser), who she considers her main rival in Top Fuel, and the top 3 cars on her “must have list”!

Thanks also to our TAC pal Bob Beck from GAAS, the Great American Auto Scene (got GAAS.com) for guest hosting.    Bob and I are working on some fun car podcast ideas for the future, so “stay tuned” for that!!

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