TAC 104 -Chasin’ down car stories with Jeff Allen!!

(01-19-2018) – Discovered Jeff Allen on his former CNBC show “the Car Chasers” where he tracked down numerous cars across the country for various clients at his Flat 12 Gallery in Texas.    As opposed to Wayne Carini finding stunning classics in garages, Jeff would find fun rides and the occasional WTF rides, like the Lambo that had a Chevy V8 in the engine compartment.   Still, it was a fun watch, and never could figure out why it disappeared.    I figured it just wasn’t getting the viewership, but as Jeff told me, that wasn’t necessarily the reason.    This was our last interview we did at SEMA 2017 this year and Jeff is a lot of fun, and tells some GREAT car stories, including how he shared his first months on this earth, in a crib, in a room with….classic car parts from his Dad’s 57 Chevy!    Some great interviews are coming up as the NHRA visits Southern California in February and the Classic Auto show returns for a 2nd year in early March!!    You’d be doing us a great favor if you Subscribe (on radio.com and itunes….remember we have TWO itunes accounts, Talking About Cars “Classic” with Randy Kerdoon, and Talking About Cars on radio.com (the NEW shows).     Also, if you follow us on iTunes, take a moment to rate us (1-5 stars) and leave a message about how you (hopefully) like the podcast!

You can find more of Jeff on his “Skidmarks Show” podcast on iTunes, and on Barrett-Jackson’s behind the scenes show during the auction, on their B-J website.

ALSO in this episode, we start with some talk about driverless cars.   Are they the beginning of the end for us classic car collectors driving on the roads?    Are they to transportation the game changer that the internet was to computers and information?    I talk with students at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, along with our pals Wes Nielsen of the Daily Driver Project and MMA fighter Chael Sonnen, who will answer questions on ANY subject with some cool insights.

TAC 103 – Misfits, Speedways and the Last Jedi

(01-05-2018) – HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!   Talking About Cars starts up 2018 with some breaking news, some silliness and always fun conversation about classic cars!    This week, we start off with our special guest, a big named STAR from the Star Wars movie franchise, and most recently in the blockbuster, “the Last Jedi”.    Then, we catch up on the latest news regarding the scheduled closure of Irwindale Speedway in Southern California!   The Good News…it’s not going to happen!!    New owners purchased the place just before Christmas, kinda of a “CHRISTMAS MIRACLE”….new co-owner Tim Huddleston joins me with the “how it happened” and “What’s next”.

THEN, it’s those wacky guys from Discovery TV’s “Misfit Garage”!    Thomas Weeks and Tom Smith talk about cars they grew up with, cars they’ve broken in half, (wait, what?), spending too much time talking about their former employer on “Fast and Loud” and …. a TV show idea that’s just crazy enough to work!  (With me as the host!)

TAC 102 – Cruisin’ with Smokey, talkin’ with Rick, hangin’ with the So Cal Smarties!

(12-22-2017) – You think of Motown, in the motor city, you think of the Motown sound!    And one of the top archetects of the Motown sound, was Smokey Robinson.   Let’s face it, he may not be a “car guy” as we know them, but his songs have floated out of enough cars at “Makeout Hills” around the world to make him an Honorary Car Guy!    That and over 4,000 songs written, everything from “Crusin’” to “Love Machine”, plus Robinson has plenty of “car stories”.    Like the time his dad crafted his first car from parts in a junkyard, or how he and Berry Gordy once walked into a Cadillac dealer and walked out with a showroom ride for less than $5,000.   Can you guess in what year?    Smokey is out with a new Christmas album this year which you have to check out!!

We started our podcast talking about the popularity of smart cars and the “So Cal Smarties” car club in So Cal, yeah they’re small wheels, but can a guy 6-3 215 lbs actually fit in one?   Comfortably?

That’s followed by our pal Rick DeBruhl (ESPN, Velocity, Discovery) who tells us what it’s like to prepare for an upcoming Barrett-Jackson broadcast, and how auctioneers keep their voices going strong over an 8 hour performance.     Barrett Jackson starts January 13-21, 2018 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

TAC 101 – Crown Vics, Coloring Books and “Where were you in ‘62?”

(December 9, 2017) – When you think about it, it makes comes complete sense.  The car that is known for it’s role in police chases all over the U.S. is now the car money-challenged teens are turning to for their first car!    The Ford Crown Victoria….or “Crown Vic”.    We see them on TV shows, on streets in Taxis, Fire Department vehicles….and one group of teens in California have created a club to showcase the “Panther” style rides….and also includes ANY type of “service related vehicle”     Chase Rubin of VENTURA COUNTY VICS talks about their car club (you can see the cars on our @talknaboutcars page on TWITTER!)

Where were you in ‘62?   The line from the 70’s movie “American Graffiti”.    Candy Clark played Debbie in the movie.   She was the blonde, the one that talked.  (the other one, driving the white ‘56 T-Bird was Suzanne Somers).   Candy talks about her first car….that caught fire….WHILE she was driving it.    Why she is a real fan of the later day Stutz Bearcat, and her favorite car in the Graffiti movie!

Fireball Tim is a car guy and friend of TAC!    He drives cars (manufacturers GIVE him cars to drive for a week at a time), he designs cars (the Batmobile movie cars) and he’s produced over 700 video blogs (VLOGS) on his site (FireballTim.com) .    Now, he’s putting out car related coloring books!    Custom Cars, Beach Life and USA states trivia!!  He talks about where you can get them….LISTEN BY CLICKING BELOW!


TAC 100 – Mike & Ant From Wheeler Dealers!!

(11-23-2017) – All things change.    The seasons, the cars in your garage, and yes….especially those shows on your TV.    Remember when Shelly Long left “Cheers” on NBC and Kirstie Alley replaced her?   No one knew who Kirsty was, but she became so popular, the show lasted another NINE seasons!!    When Edd China left Wheeler Dealers after an incredible run, shocked fans turned their anger, on his affable co-host Mike Brewer.   The  Twitter trolls came out and rained their discontent on Mike, Velocity and anyone else who dared disagree that letting Edd leave was sacrilidge!   It got pretty brutal.    Enter Ant Anstead, a pretty popular car show host in the UK who entered this crap storm and not only survived it, but put his own touches on the WD franchise, and frankly….made it better.    Different, but better.    Don’t get me wrong, we still love Edd (and hope to have him on a future TAC) but Ant is a good guy, a good car guy….and as we found out at SEMA 2017 in Las Vegas this year, he’s pretty funny and entertaining!! He and Mike are a great team, breathing some new life into WD!!    The guys tell us about their first wheels…the little known nicknames they gave their first cars, could Wheeler Dealers return to the UK for some shows?   How did Ant find out he was being offered the gig to be Edd’s replacement, and how he already knew about the opening!  Listen to them below….and see if you agree with me (or don’t).    I’d love to read your responses.

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TAC 99 – Courtney and AJ from “Overhaulin’”

(11-10-2017) – Had a great time at SEMA 2017 in Las Vegas where I was able to hang out with my car lovin’ “peeps” and make new friends as well!    More cars than ever out there, and a chance to score some fun interviews for future Talking About Cars!!     While “loitering” around the “Velocity Stage” I saw an “Overhaulin’” reunion with Chip Foose, Chris Jacobs and my two guests….Courtney Hansen and Adrienne Janic (A.J.)!    While watching them on the stage I thought….how great would this be to get the two best looking members of the OH crew for a side by side interview!!    AJ replaced Courtney, when Hansen left the show to pursue “other interests”….but Courtney insists it was her idea.    Listen to the podcast below, she’ll explain.    Also we find out which gal has “Flava Flav’s” phone number in her cellphone…..and whose’ kid is already an ace on the go-kart track, and in a first ever for me….help those two wacky gals set up a play date for their kids!!    Listen and Subscribe to our new episodes on radio.com!!

In two weeks, it’s TAC 100….with Mike and Ant of Wheeler Dealers!!!

TAC 98 – Matt Farah of the “Smoking Tire”

(10-27-2017) – Ever wonder the difference between a “Donk”, a “Box” and a “Bubble”?     What IS the definition of “Streetmeat” in Oman?   Why does Matt have a “Million Mile” Lexus?    And why would Matt tell me, “No one is donking an Aries K”?     These and more answers to questions you haven’t thought of are in our new Talking About Cars podcast number 98 with Matt Farah of the Smoking Tire.     Matt is kind of a You-Tube pioneer….listen below as he explains it all!!

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TAC 97 – Heather Storm & Joe Zolper of Velocity’s “Garage Squad”

(10-14-2017) – Garage Squad is in it’s 4th season on Velocity, and stands out among the other car fix-it shows in that it’s not only a bunch of people wrenching on a car, but it’s the story of their owners.    I mean let’s face it…how many of us has either bought a classic car, or inherited one from a family member, intending on “fixing it up” only to have it sit in the garage or on the side of the house covered by a tarp.    I’ll get to it soon, we all tell ourselves, then one day we wake up 20 years later…and the poor beast is now a rat hotel rust bucket.    Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just show up and….help you get it running?    Fans love watching Bruno, Heather, Joe and Cy (among others) show up and take their car apart and put it back into the hot rod of their dreams.    LISTEN to a really fun interview with Heather Storm (who first told her car story to us in TAC 41 a couple of years ago) and Joe Zolper, the lead mechanic who also runs “Prison City Customs” in Joliet, Illinois.    You will get some great behind-the-scenes information on how to submit your OWN car to Garage Squad….and some really great car stories!!   And….find out what Heather and Joe’s “secret” talents are!

TAC 96 – with “Roadkill Magazine’s Elana Scherr!

(Sept 30, 2017) — There are some great car magazines out there….including the “classics”, “Rod & Custom”, “Car Craft” and of course “Hot Rod”.    Take one of those….add the DNA of Mad Magazine, Mad Scientist Monthly and Saturday Night Live…and you have….ROADKILL!    The wildly successful video online and youtube series that has led to a magazine.    Elana Scherr is a former writer for “Hot Rod” Magazine who definately has the spirit of a classic car person!

LISTEN below to my interview with Elana, as we talk the first car she remembers, her Mopar menagerie at home, her love of the Opel GT (mini-vette), some Roadkill Car Stories, the career she almost ventured into, and what she posts on her twitter page that isn’t about cars at all!

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TAC 95 – RMD Garage’s Ralph Holguin and his “Krates”

(Sept 15, 2017) — in a non-descript shopping mall in North Long Beach stands “RMD Garage”….the home of a new show on Discovery/Velocity TV, which introduces us to Ralph Holguin.    A man who built a customizing shop and marketing empire from a simple detailing business.    Ralph’s attention to detail is striking as seen with his car builds showcased on the TV program, and more important, he’s having fun while doing it.     Listen to Ralph give us his great car stories of how 7 teenagers (and him) fit in a Karmann-Ghia, what car he’d love to buy from Ralph Lauren, what bikes he’s missing from his Schwinn Stingray “Krate” collection (see above) and which car his parents owned was lovingly called “Booger” by his siblings.   Don’t forget to Subscribe!!