Everybody has a Car Story!

Everybody has a Car Story!!

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Mine began as I remember lying down in between my parents in their 1951 Chevy convertible on a drive down the Sepulveda grade of the 405 freeway.   Considering I’m 6-3 now, I figure I had to be a lot shorter and younger at the time, say 1 or 2.  and yes, there were no seat belts.   Ah, the good old days.

Years later, I remember my parents getting ready to replace our 1956 Pontiac Star Chief 2 door hardtop, with a “not even out yet” 1964 Dodge Polara 4-door “family sedan”.   (we drove around a ’63 loaner until the ’64s were out.   I remember at the time wondering why the headlights were so all over the place.)   I begged my parents to keep the Poncho so I could have a car when I was old enough to drive.

“common Dad…I’ll do anything!!!!”     Sadly, their response was always the same.

“Uh, Randy, you are 9 years old.   We are not keeping that car in front of the house for 7 years!!”

So they sold it to a mechanic at our local garage.    2 weeks later, I was told he it plowed into a telephone pole.    He was okay.   The car, not so much.

Eventually, that Dodge was my first car.    and noting my sense of humor, I decided one day to dress it up for our high school car show.   I put it in the “Funny Car” category.    I discovered, high school car teens have no sense of humor.   Didn’t even win an honorable mention ribbon.

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We have some great interviews coming up in 2016!    Such as…..

** Rick and Kelly from TV’s “American Restoration”.  

** Ray Evernham and Christy Lee from Discovery/Velocity’s coverage of the Barrett-Jackson auctions;

** Henrik Fisker & Beau Boeckmann (the duo behind the Mustang “Rocket”)

** drag race school guru Frank Hawley

** NHRA legend Shirley Muldowney,

** future legend Erica Enders-Stevens

** Rodney Allen Rippy from Jack in the Box fame, who is a big Corvette guy!

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