Getting ready for the Big Comeback!!

Going on 10 weeks since my little “health issue” interrupted things, the good news is…..I’m supposed to be returning with NEW PODCASTS here on Talking About Cars by the end of the month….LIKELY SOONER!!

In the meantime, some new things to look out for!   On our Social Media tab (above) we are adding to TAC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram……TAC on YOUTUBE!!!    Basically, our friends and partners at Generation Auto TV has uploaded many of our interviews from our collaboration at Scottsdale this past January, and that they all there for you to check out!    Barrett Jackson and ESPN commentator Rick DeBruhl joined me in the promo ’77 Bandit TransAm joining previous talks with Chris Jacobs (Congrats on his new show “Long Lost Family” on TLC with pal from my days at Fox-11, Lisa Joyner….check it out…it’s a great show!)….and Richard Rawlings from Fast and Loud!!     (Both interviews are linked below as well)

Check out some other interviews with officials with Ford Motor company as we talk about their new Ford Raptor truck, and Ford Focus RS!!    These are interviews that are exclusive to this YouTube account!

BONUS TRIVIA : Rick and I were alums at the campus radio station at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, KCPR.    but that’s for another podcast, another time!!




Hangin’ with the Bandit

it’s been nearly 40 years since Burt Reynolds got behind the wheel of that 1977 Pontiac Firebird and began the legend of “Smokey and the Bandit”. When he showed up at Scottsdale in January to help a “promo” version of the original car sell for a half million dollars at Barrett-Jackson, the place went predictably crazy. While the timing didn’t work out for me to interview Burt, my Generation Auto TV producer Julian White DID catch up to him, check out his interview from GATV’s you tube account!!


Friends, rehabbing, and reaching out!

While i’m in rally mode from my recent medical maladies, the car world moves on.    What’s really helped me is hearing from family, friends, co-workers and you the fans of Talking About Cars!!   It really helps to hear from you here, on my TAC Facebook, twitter and instagram pages!      My best way of dealing with the negatives is keeping your sense of humor and having fun along the way.   Last month in Scottsdale, one of our pals, Chris Jacobs of Velocity joined me in the Bandit Trans Am at Barrett-Jackson for what will eventually be TAC 53, but until that is uploaded the end of next month, check us out in a TAC-Generation Auto TV you tube collaboration!     Now, this irresistible tease…..  we sing in the car!!    wait, what?

Until we return with BRAND NEW Podcasts next month, tell your fell classic car friends about our Talking About Cars podcasts!!!   and listen on ITunes and right here!   Just click LISTEN!!



Reality Bites!


A not so funny thing happened after my fun trip to Scottsdale, AZ, at Barrett-Jackson.

Back home, I thought I had pulled a chest muscle the night before the Super Bowl because I had tried a different angle on doing my daily morning regimen of push-ups.   I felt soreness…and for some reason, my bi-cep on my left side was also sore.   Heart issue?   We’ve all heard the stories….”shooting pain down your left side” etc.    So I went on line to look  up the symptoms.    I had none of them.   Just this goofy soreness in my chest and bicep.   Put ice on it.   Felt better…went to sleep.

(an aside :  My wife often states if it wasn’t for wives in our lives, us guys would all be dead!  We don’t seem to take stuff like this seriously, or are too clueless (or MACHO) to see what’s ahead!    All of our friends agree with her….including most of the men!)

The next morning the pain returned.  I took a couple of ibuprofen, but instead of getting better, it got worse.    Soon, that mild soreness became radiating pain, followed by sweats and then light headedness.   My wife called 9-1-1, and I had a new story to talk about….an AMBULANCE story.    Turned out, I had a heart attack.    My “Widowmaker” artery….100% blocked.    As luck would have it, my cardiologist was already at the hospital at 730am….on Super Bowl Sunday, because….he decided to do his rounds early because….he was going to a Super Bowl party later on.     He saw me get brought in on a gurney….took a look at my EKG’s….and immediately sent me to the cath-lab.   One stent later, and i’m on my way to a FULL RECOVERY.

TWO reasons for blogging this on “Talking About Cars”.

1) AN EXCUSE.   Obviously, new Talking About Cars podcasts will be delayed a few weeks.    I’m hoping to get new ones up on ITunes and Soundcloud at the end of March.     and

2) A WARNING.     I had NO advance medical signs this could happen.    My cholesterol levels were all within limits.  I ate healthy.   Didn’t see this coming at all.    The warning, if you are of a certain age….get your stress test!   Start eating healthy.    NEVER overlook your heart health.    I’m alive today because LA Fire Department Paramedics and the Cardiac Specialists at West Hills Hospital did that thing they do….and saved me!!    Our obsession with classic cars is fun!!    Don’t let yours come to a premature end.

in the meantime, while we wait for Talking About Cars 54!!    check out my Talking About Cars interview….with Richard Rawlings on Generation Auto TV’s account!!

Scoring at Barrett-Jackson!


So far it’s been a great time at Barrett-Jackson on Talking About Cars first shared experience with Generation Auto TV!    So far the interviews have come Fast and Furious!!    Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage joined me IN the Bandit Trans-Am…where our interview was interrupted with a cellphone call!   Turned out breaking news of sorts!!   He also took the “Bandit Trivia Challenge” and then surprised me with a trivia question of his own!!     We’ve also talked on camera with Velocity’s Chris Jacobs and Rick DeBruhl and off camera, audio only with Mike Joy and Steve Magnante!

IMG_4183Also on hand, a pair of Burt Reynolds (the Bandit) and Jackie Gleason (Sheriff Buford T Justice) look alikes to give the visiting crowd a thrill while checking out the Bandit Trans-Am.   Here is the Sheriff (wink, wink) about to get me for doing 105 in a 35, or something like that!   Wait, are those cuffs in his back pocket??    Where’s Cledus when you need him??    For more from Barrett-Jackson, check out Talking About Cars on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

(South)east bound and down

smokeyan iconic screen grab from the 1977 movie, “Smokey and the Bandit”.    Burt Reynolds and Sally Field making us car people all dream of what would happen if we took our best girl into the center median of a highway at 100 miles an hour…evading police cars and somehow being the hero because we managed to get a truckload full of Coors beer to Florida.   (Remember, this was 1977….Coors wasn’t anywhere East of the Rockies back then!).   Also…trust me…trying that with your best girl….NEVER works out.     Tried doing a power slide on Valley Circle Blvd. back in my high school days to follow a girlfriend going the other way….tried to impress her.   It did not.   (guess she was just the wrong girl)!

I’m going to be in Scottsdale later this week to get my fill of the biggest car auction events anywhere!    Barrett-Jackson, Russo & Steele, Gooding, and R/M auctions bring out the coolest cars, celebrities and the deep pocketed buyers who spend on the “hot wheels” on the block like we used to spend on Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars when we were kids (and for some of us…older).

B-J has found one of the original Pontiac Firebird TransAms associated with the movie, it’s been restored and will be auctioned on Saturday!    I say “associated” because i’m told, while this car WAS one of the 5 cars Pontiac provided for the movie, it was NOT one of the 4 cars actually IN the movie.    This was a promo car Universal used to showcase the movie.    (For the story on the car, check out TALKING ABOUT CARS 50, click on my Listen page!!  it’s after the Ray Evernham interview….which by the way was really fun!)

I’m teaming up with Julian White at Generation Auto TV for an interesting concept.    Interviewing car celebrities…sitting IN the actual TransAm up for auction.   Think James Cordon of the Late, Late show’s “Car Karaoke” except no singing…and we’re actually not driving in the car at the time. (altho’ the concept would be pretty cool).    Sounds like a good time, and i’m eager to try something “completely different”.     The interviews would eventually pop up on TALKING ABOUT CARS and on Generation Auto TV’s you tube page, so you could actually SEE a TAC interview in progress!!

The actual “guest” list for our “interview in a car” idea is still shaping up, but keep tabs on us, as we have some fun…TALKING ABOUT CARS!

If you go to Scottsdale, and see us…say hi!!







Timing is everything.

In January of 2015, I was at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale.    and why not?   I love classic cars, and the people around them are such characters and so interesting to talk to!    That day, I caught up with basically numbers 11-20 of my Talking About Cars podcast (minus Mike & Edd of Wheeler Dealers who actually came to the KNX studio on the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles).   Among those I interviewed were lead auctioneer “Spanky” Assiter and his talented auctioneer assistant/singer/wife Amy.   The pair were so much a part of the Barrett-Jackson scene you never thought twice about them being connected to Barrett-Jackson forever!!

Soon after, I posted my interview with Amy (TAC #20), who had great stories of the cars they’d collected over the years including the time they tried to sell one of their old DeSotos….but she couldn’t bring herself to do it, and drove right by the potential buyer, back into her garage.  (You can listen to it by going to our Guest page).

Spanky had a great story about his Granny Annie, and Granny Fannie, one of them drove an Olds 442!   (We should ALL have a grandmother who appreciates a car like that!!).     I decided to hang on to the Spanky interview until a later Barrett-Jackson event.    When I finally posted it months later, before the B-J auction in Reno….I noticed neither the auction house nor the Velocity Network would “retweet” my twitter posting of the Spanky interview.    “Odd” I thought….until I saw online the reason.    Before the auction, Barrett-Jackson and the Assiters had reached a parting of the ways.   Both Spanky and Amy were out.   I, along with the rest of Barrett-Jackson nation were shocked.

Fast Forward to July 31st.   I heard that Rick and Kelly Dale of American Restoration (that’s their picture above) was going to be at a car show at the city of Ontario, CA. AND they were bringing their own classic cars to show!!    Off to Ontario I went with my “cigarette lighter” sized, brand new, audio recorder because “Everybody has a car story”!!    They were fun, their cars were cool (see car pics) and the audio recorder…didn’t record a thing!!   DOH!!    Both were incredibly gracious, and when I asked if I could redo the interview when I came out to SEMA (with a better brand new recorder), they said fine.    I redid the interview in November which is what you can hear on our guests page.    Here’s where the ‘timing’ thing fits in.    After six seasons of being on American Restoration on History Channel, they (A&E) decided to “shift gears”…”change direction”…and make AR a rotating show using 5 different shops, and Rick’s Restorations was not one of them.    Ouch.  To be fair, I knew AR and the Dale’s had gone separate ways before I did the interview, but I was hoping they would end up somewhere else before this aired.    But they are so fun to talk to I figured let’s upload the interview anyway!    For the moment, there is no word on when or where Rick and Kelly’s show will resurface…but stay tuned!!   At the end of our TAC 49 interview, Rick has an interesting idea which could be made into a show I’ve never seen before.    Listen to his idea.    Let me know what you think!!

Thanks for checking us out!   Tell all of your car pals!!


Everybody has a Car Story!

Everybody has a Car Story!!

funny car

Mine began as I remember lying down in between my parents in their 1951 Chevy convertible on a drive down the Sepulveda grade of the 405 freeway.   Considering I’m 6-3 now, I figure I had to be a lot shorter and younger at the time, say 1 or 2.  and yes, there were no seat belts.   Ah, the good old days.

Years later, I remember my parents getting ready to replace our 1956 Pontiac Star Chief 2 door hardtop, with a “not even out yet” 1964 Dodge Polara 4-door “family sedan”.   (we drove around a ’63 loaner until the ’64s were out.   I remember at the time wondering why the headlights were so all over the place.)   I begged my parents to keep the Poncho so I could have a car when I was old enough to drive.

“common Dad…I’ll do anything!!!!”     Sadly, their response was always the same.

“Uh, Randy, you are 9 years old.   We are not keeping that car in front of the house for 7 years!!”

So they sold it to a mechanic at our local garage.    2 weeks later, I was told he it plowed into a telephone pole.    He was okay.   The car, not so much.

Eventually, that Dodge was my first car.    and noting my sense of humor, I decided one day to dress it up for our high school car show.   I put it in the “Funny Car” category.    I discovered, high school car teens have no sense of humor.   Didn’t even win an honorable mention ribbon.

Now, for some really fun car stories check out “Guest” List….for the celebrities and car “personalities” we’ve talked to!   or Click “Listen” on the menu, and ….have fun….Talking About Cars!



Welcome to our new “Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon” website!



It’s been a long time in the making, but “Talking About Cars” finally has a website to call it’s own!

We are a PODCAST that you can hear by clicking the “LISTEN” link above, we are also on I-Tunes) and we have mini-segments (2 minutes) that air weekends on KNX 1070 Newsradio in Los Angeles!

We all have car stories to tell from celebrities and car “personalities” like NHRA drivers John Force, and Antron Brown: celebrities like Jay Leno, John Schneider, Nathan Kress, James Maslow, Robert Patrick, and the late George Barris, and car “personalities” like Dennis Gage, Wayne Carini, Barry Meguiar and Jessi Combs!   They ALL love cars and have GREAT car stories!

We have some great interviews coming up in 2016!    Such as…..

** Rick and Kelly from TV’s “American Restoration”.  

** Ray Evernham and Christy Lee from Discovery/Velocity’s coverage of the Barrett-Jackson auctions;

** Henrik Fisker & Beau Boeckmann (the duo behind the Mustang “Rocket”)

** drag race school guru Frank Hawley

** NHRA legend Shirley Muldowney,

** future legend Erica Enders-Stevens

** Rodney Allen Rippy from Jack in the Box fame, who is a big Corvette guy!

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