TAC 188 – We laugh, we cry, we talk cars, mini-bikes, & “Renegade” with Reno, Bobby & Cheyenne!

Branscombe Richmond, Hot Rod Bob, Kathleen Kinmont, Randy Kerdoon & Lorenzo Lamas

(03-19-2020) – from 1992 to 1997, Lorenzo Lamas, Branscombe Richmond and Kathleen Kinmont starred in “Renegade”, a “cop got framed for his girlfriends murder, breaks out of jail, is now on the run, helping people along the way” kind of tale. Once again, Bob and I visited “the Hollywood Show” and caught up with the trio.

Lorenzo was one of my first guests when I began this podcast based on interviews from a celebrity race at Irwindale (I believe KTLA weatherman Mark Kriski was also on that episode). This time, all three had tales to tell, Kinmont was married to Lamas at the time and who knew that she also raced cars years ago?

Richmond is also a stuntman, so it was fun to hear he and Lamas talk about them having to do most of their own stunts due to the shows….lack of a budget. Great car stories, great behind the scenes stories!! Click Below and check out our show….and while you are at it, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, and feel free to do some BINGE LISTENING!!! (Like, what else is there to do, no car shows, no March Madness….see my point?)

TAC 187 – the car that got away, literally; hanging with the Beastmaster; talking hot rods!

Top left, Bill Champlin, top right, Marc Singer as “the Beastmaster”, bottom Bob Hilton’s model A creation.

(03-15-2020) – Randy & Hot Rod Bob, caught up with musician Bill Champlin (Chicago, Sons of Champlin), actor Marc Singer (Beastmaster, V, Arrow) & car builder Bob Hilton…..Champlin and Singer at the Hollywood Show….Hilton at the Grand National Roadster show in Pomona, California! Car Stories galore here, Champlin talks about his first car, actually a panel truck for his musical instruments, Singer on growing up in Texas with Ford families and Chevy families, and Hilton loving those hot rodded model As. But you won’t believe what HIS first car was. Listen, Subscribe, Share!!

TAC 186 – Wally & the Beav, Being the Bad Guy at Disneyland & the Garden Grove cruiser!

Top left, the guys with car, motorcycle builder & pinstriper Rod Sexton, below, “Hot Rod” Bob Beck, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers & Randy Kerdoon.

(03-15-2020) – Just mentioning the name “Wally and the Beav” should send your mind spinning back to a simpler time, TVs were mostly showing programs in black and white, everyone on TV was pretty innocent, no demons causing blood to ooze from eyeballs, and every problem was wrapped up in 30 minutes. Leave it to Beaver ran from 1957 to 1962, and returned in the 80s to see how the Cleaver family everyone back in the day grew up with, was handling kids on their own. Now, Tony Dow (Wally) and Jerry Mathers (the Beaver) are favorites on the Hollywood autograph show circuit, and love to talk about classic TV. Today, we offer up a “twofer”. Dow’s car stories we’ve chronicled on a previous show (TAC 64 which you can hear on Soundcloud!), Click below….

Dow joins us again, this time with Mathers who has great car stories and a story about being the “Bad Guy at Disneyland!”. THEN, Garden Grove car and motorcycle builder and pinstriper Rod Sexton joins us talk his stories from the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. LISTEN, LIKE, SHARE AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!

TAC 185 – Jerry Dixey has your dream job, and talking NASCAR in Fontana!

Top : Dave Allen of Auto Club Speedway, bottom, Randy Kerdoon, Jerry Dixey and “Hot Rod” Bob Beck

(03-15-2020) – Catching up on posting podcasts to our website, we bring you the job any red blooded car guy or gal would want. Getting PAID for driving classics, hot rods and more on highways of this great country!! Jerry Dixey is an automotive journalist, and is a creative guy! He works for Street Rodder Magazine and he gave Randy and “Hot Rod” Bob the scoop about how he landed the gig of running their Road Tours across the U.S, and how you can blame him for some of the car-centric shows now on your cable, and on demand apps on your compters, phones etc. THEN, Randy and Auto Club Speedways Dave Allen previewed the (now completed) Auto Club 400, Jimmy Johnson’s track farewell and more! LISTEN below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE (it’s FREE)….so you can be alerted to when a new podcast uploads on radio.com, knx1070.com and most places you listen to podcasts….even on ALEXA!!

TAC 184 -A man, a convoy and his chimpanzee

“Hot Rod” Bob Beck, actor Greg Evigan, Randy Kerdoon, and (above) “Bear” the chimp

(02-20-2020) – One thing about attending those “Hollywood Shows” in the LA area, you never know who you will see that reminds you of growing up a fan of all things on wheels.

Back in the 70s, people driving tractor trailers were huge in movies and on TV. C.W. McCall’s song made us all want to participate in a “CONVOY” even if we were the ones in the “chartreuse micro-bus”; Jerry Reed was going “Eastbound and Down” with a shipment of Coors on the way to Florida while the late Burt Reynolds and Sally Field were near in a Trans-Am; Clint Eastwood hung out with his orangutan in “Every Which Way But Loose”, and the TV version of that, was “B.J. And the Bear” on NBC.

Greg Evigan was Billie Joe McKay with his chimp “Bear” driving the roads of america. But what was it like behind the scenes? Greg has some great car stories about his first car not wanting to slow down, and how Bear reacted during mishap with the rig…as it went downhill. Greg couldn’t have been a nicer guest. THEN, from the United Pacific booth at the Grand National Roadster show the guys caught up with Tom Stark from Colorado’s Pricision Designs and his son Blaine. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and share!! Click below to listen!!

TAC 183 – Customizing a ‘63 Comet, it’s all about “Hollywood Hot Rods”

(02-13-2020) – Cool to catch up with “Hollywood Hot Rods” designer and builder Troy Ladd, as we caught up with him at the Grand National Roadster show’s United Pacific booth, to talk about 30s hot rod builds, his girlfriend’s ‘63 Comet, and big news from the car builder hall of fame!!!

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TAC 182 – NHRA’s Force, becomes a “fan in the stands”, Frank Sinatra’s mic & a cool new Caddy

(02-06-2020) – What would keep the NHRA’s record breaking John Force in the stands and not on the drag strip? When the third generation of Force’s get behind the wheel in junior drags! With the grown up circuit starting the 2020 campaign in Pomona for the Winternationals, Randy and Hot Rod Bob catch up with Force, and then Randy checks out the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade and discovers ‘Old Blue Eye’s’ golden mic….not the award, an actual mic…that is golden…(see above). Then in a first ever happening (jury is still out as to whether or not it’s a good thing) Randy sings a duet with a rep!! Judge for yourself!

TAC 181 – Talking Elvis, cool cars & game shows with Wink!!

Hot Rod Bob Beck, Wink Martindale & Randy Kerdoon

(01-30-2020) – You know him from your TV and on radio, the original Wink Martindale, joined Randy and “Hot Rod” Bob at the Hollywood Show near LAX and spoke of Elvis (what vehicle he arrived in when his first record dropped on a Memphis radio station Wink worked at), His own first car, and what game show once gave one contestant…SIX BUICKS!! (And what country he sent one of them!)

Randy remembered Wink from his days at KMPC 710 in LA growing up in the 60s and 70s, LISTEN and SUBSCRIBE!! It was a fun show….

TAC 180 – My 3 car stories with “Ernie Douglas!”

(01-23-2020) – Ever wonder….”what ever happened to that little kid Ernie from ‘My Three Sons’? The short answer is…he’s never left. Barry Livingston has been on your TV and on the movie screen pretty consistently since MTS ended, it’s just you likely haven’t recognized him, and that the way Barry likes it! Great to catch up with Barry at a recent Hollywood Show near LAX! Barry and his real brother Stanley (who played “Chip Douglas” on the show) were talking to fans and signing pictures (Stanley politely declined to join our podcast). Barry gave us some great stories about his foray into the world of classic cars, an Oldsmobile that exploded soon after he sold it. The story behind it was pretty funny actually. Then there’s the pick-up truck he was supposed to buy which explains how sometimes people behind the scenes of TV movie shoots are pretty clueless when it comes to putting their actors in cars that might be ….unsafe.

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TAC 179 – Behind the scenes at MECUM after the “Bullitt” Mustang sells for $3.74 million!

NBCSN/Mecum announcer John Kraman, host Randy Kerdoon, NBCSN/Mecum co-host Scott Hoke, & the “Bullitt” Mustang!

(01-19-2020) – It was THE prize of the spring 2020 auction season. The “Bullitt” Mustang….a ‘68 fastback that the late actor Steve McQueen drove in the 1968 movie “Bullitt”. The car McQueen tried to buy back from it’s owner in the 70s….but that guy never got back to him. The car that had been paraded all over the classic car world….and Mecum had it! So…..how did Mecum get this car anyway?? Why not a host of other auction companies, from RM to Barrett-Jackson to (insert name here)? We talked with NBCSN/Mecum announcers John Kraman and Scott Hoke about that, the insane atmosphere of the sale itself, and more on our latest podcast! Plus the rest of the celebrity cars, the “Christine” ‘58 Plymouth, “Eleanor” Mustang, “Hemi Under Glass” ‘Cuda and the “Little Red Wagon” clone too at the show! “Hot Rod” Bob and I chat with the guys from Mecum! Click below to listen, and please follow our social media, like us and SUBSCRIBE (It’s free!)