Our Top 10 & Top 5 cities for April-May!

(05-09-2020) – As a podcaster it’s one think about crankIng out a new show every week, or month, or in the case of our pal Mark Greene at Cars Yeah….5 days a week, but it’s another to know if anyone is listening. Thanks to our podcast home of Radio.com, and Omny….we have a tool that tells us. Not only how many actually listen, but how long, and WHERE they are listening from? I find that fascinating! To think someone in the next city or county is listening, is kinda cool. To think someone around the world is listen…that’s kinda mind blowing! So I thought I’d share just WHERE our podcast fans are!


  1. Los Angeles
  2. Pasadena, CA
  3. Irvine, CA
  4. Las Vegas, NV
  5. Long Beach, CA
  6. New York, NY
  7. Columbus, OH
  8. Belleville, IL
  9. Atlanta, GA
  10. London, UK


  1. USA
  2. Singapore
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Austrailia
  5. Canada

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TAC 194 – Now to our Alberta, Canada bureau…..

Scott Newstead, hosts Randy Kerdoon and Bob Beck

(05-03-2020) – In our first show since the pandemic began that has shutdown the world….we decided to get a “world view” by checking in to our buddy in Alberta, Canada….”Cold War Motor’s” Scott Newstead!!

Scott is the unequivocal champion of the title “Most downloaded guest we’ve ever had.” Our last interviews with him were in 2018 and to this day are still among the top 8 shows downloaded on a weekly basis. What is it about Scott that makes him draw a crowd like that? That he has over 43,000 followers on his youtube channel may have something to do with it. We just like his quirky show, which concentrates on the cars one rarely sees in Southern California or on the Barrett Jackson auctions. Few 2 door Camaros or Mustangs…..rural Canada loved cheap 4 door sedans from the 50s thru 70s. Where Full size Fury 1’s, Chevy Biscaynes and Ford Customs rule. Where 50s Dodges and DeSotos are merely front clips on a 50s Plymouth. Where Pontiacs are build on Chevy frames, and Chevelle’s and LeMans are spliced to make Beaumonts….where Novas become Acadians, and Fords and Mercurys go thru the DNA scrambler to become Meteors and Montcalms…..and don’t get me started on the Falcon/Frontenacs. I find it fascinating. So do 43,000 others, and Scott is finishing up his first decade of “will it start”, my favorite tires, showing off his mad metal forming skills and his field full of Kaisers, Packards, Mayfairs, and so much more. He’s also a huge Plymouth guy….and has plans for getting as many examples of their forward look cars as he can.

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TAC 193 – Remembering the late, great “King of the Kustomizers”

(05-03-2020) – While we ride out the pandemic shutdown, we took time to remember George Barris, who passed away in 2015. Six months before I had the opportunity to have a sit down with George in his North Hollywood/Toluca Lake offices. The place is covered with toy cars that he had a hand in designing. Everything from toy Batmobiles to the cars from The ABC show from the 80s….“Hardcastle & McCormick” Remember the late actor Brian Keith? He was “Judge Hardcastle”, but I digress. Fast forward to Barris’ celebration of life at Forest Lawn, I drove my classic 57 Pontiac Safari and joined the conglomeration of classic cars who showed up….and basically got lost in the progression of cars going to the burial site in Glendale. But before I left, I was able to get some car peeps feels about George the man and George the car guy!

Of course, over the years, I bumped into Barris many times. He was at the 2nd “Mopars at the (Playboy) Mansion”. (A picture of that is on our Talking About Cars facebook page). Once I ran into George at the classic Toluca Lake “Bob’s Big Boy” restaurant, just down the street from his offices.

host Randy Kerdoon, George Barris in front of his ‘64 Polara (which now lives in Sweden).

George was sporting a camera where he kept taking pictures of a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and an attractive, heavily tattoo’d woman who I later found out was a well known porn star. Ah, the car scene in So Cal!

”Miss Marilyn & host Randy Kerdoon at “Bob’s Big Boy”

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TACC 192 – When Wayne Carini replaced a ‘66 ‘Vette, with a VW

Host Randy Kerdoon with Wayne Carini (2015)

(04-22-2020) – We dust off our “Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon” podcast library with the first time Randy talked with Wayne at SEMA in 2015. It’s a great walk through the car experience of a young Wayne, who began driving on the family farm at the age of 8, who had a ‘66 Corvette in high school, only to discover there was another car that was more of a chick magnet! Plus, How Wayne wasn’t the first member of his immediate family to be on national TV! Check out our TAC “Classic” blast from the past by clicking below!! Be careful and stay safe during these crazy times!

TAC 191 – Ozzie’s “Folly”, Grandpa Tom’s Riviera & Gunnar’s top 10 list!

Ozzie’s ’56 Pontiac, Grandpa Tom Harmon, Uncle Mark Harmon, the Nelson twins with their late father Rick.

(04-11-2020) – Randy and “Hot Rod” Bob’s interview with car guy Gunnar Nelson (the singer….the Nelson band) continues in this edition. Gunnar talks about his Grandfather Ozzie’s “Folly” (Ozzie Nelson of “Ozzie and Harriett” fame), their maternal Grandfather Tom Harmon’s Buick Riviera and Why it’s a painful reminder for one of the Nelson twins, what’s in Gunnar’s garage, and we asked for Gunnar’s top 5 cars on his “must get list someday”….he asked if he could give us 10. He gave us 13. Or was it 14?

Gunnar and his brother Matthew are true car guys. Not only do they own classic cars and trucks, but Gunnar talks a good game as well. Plenty of great car stories, and like the rest of us, dishes on the cool car experiences he’s had. We look forward to crossing paths with the guys in the future!

What’s really cool about Gun (uh, we can call you that now right?) is that his people contacted US about being on the show! Any other celebs out there want to talk cars with us? Contact us at talkingaboutcars@gmail.com!

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TAC 190 – Car Stories about “America’s favorite family…the Nelsons!”

top right, the late Ricky Nelson, top right, “uncle” Mark Harmon, bottom Matthew and Gunnar Nelson.

(04-04-2020) – Remember the old TV show “Ozzie and Harriet?” Remember their sons David and Rick Nelson? Gunnar Nelson knows them all ….like family. Because…THEY ARE family. Gunnar and his twin brother Matthew were the sons of Rick and his wife Kris (who also appeared on the show in later years). Their older sister Tracy, also appeared on TV, most notably in the “Father Dowling Mysteries” before taking a break at the turn of the century…and now has returned to acting. But back to Gunnar, who’se “people” called US about being on the podcast, and we couldn’t say YES fast enough. Gunnar and his brother are BIG car peeps, and he knows about the car world. This is a must listen podcast, not just because of his musical background (“the Nelson band”) and he knows classic cars, but his stories about his first car, the car his dad used to own that ignited his interest in cars, his grandfather Ozzie’s cars, even the cars of his uncle Mark….(Mark Harmon, Kris’ brother, of NCIS fame) are great…especially the car Harmon drives to work every morning. Gunnar was like a 7-11….he had so much stuff (car stories), this is PART ONE of TWO! LISTEN and let us know what you think…. THEN SUBSCRIBE and find out when a new episode drops every Thursday morning!! And….Uncle Mark? Since you’re probably not doing much right now with the pandemic and all….we’d love to have YOU on our show as well!! Our email is TalkingAboutCars@gmail.com FYI….hint, hint.

TAC 189 – former “Mayor” Goldie Wilson on doing 88 mph in a DeLorean; Son of Mickey doing 400 mph!!

Randy, actor Donald Fullilove, “Hot Rod” Bob, Fullilove as “Mayor Goldie Wilson”, Danny Thompson’s land speed racer

(03-28-2020) – In this edition we go “Back to the Future” and forward TO the future….very quickly! First, actor Donald Fullilove joined hosts Randy Kerdoon and “Hot Rod” Bob Beck at the Hollywood Show’s event in Burbank to talk his role as Soda Shop employee “Goldie Wilson.” A young man with big dreams of one day being….Mayor….and eventually, in a later edition of “Back to the Future”….actually becomes Mayor (in the movie)! We hear about shooting the movie once, and then shooting it over again when the role of Marty McFly was recast, then we find out what happened when Donald finally drove 88 miles an hour in a DeLorean, and when he bought his first car at the age of 13, behind his mom’s back, and how he hid it when it died.

Then, Danny Thompson (son of legend Mickey Thompson) on what it was like to drive OVER 400 miles an hour on the Salt Flats of Bonneville, in an interview originally aired LIVE on “Hot Rod” Bob’s GAAS podcast!

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TAC 188 – We laugh, we cry, we talk cars, mini-bikes, & “Renegade” with Reno, Bobby & Cheyenne!

Branscombe Richmond, Hot Rod Bob, Kathleen Kinmont, Randy Kerdoon & Lorenzo Lamas

(03-19-2020) – from 1992 to 1997, Lorenzo Lamas, Branscombe Richmond and Kathleen Kinmont starred in “Renegade”, a “cop got framed for his girlfriends murder, breaks out of jail, is now on the run, helping people along the way” kind of tale. Once again, Bob and I visited “the Hollywood Show” and caught up with the trio.

Lorenzo was one of my first guests when I began this podcast based on interviews from a celebrity race at Irwindale (I believe KTLA weatherman Mark Kriski was also on that episode). This time, all three had tales to tell, Kinmont was married to Lamas at the time and who knew that she also raced cars years ago?

Richmond is also a stuntman, so it was fun to hear he and Lamas talk about them having to do most of their own stunts due to the shows….lack of a budget. Great car stories, great behind the scenes stories!! Click Below and check out our show….and while you are at it, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, and feel free to do some BINGE LISTENING!!! (Like, what else is there to do, no car shows, no March Madness….see my point?)

TAC 187 – the car that got away, literally; hanging with the Beastmaster; talking hot rods!

Top left, Bill Champlin, top right, Marc Singer as “the Beastmaster”, bottom Bob Hilton’s model A creation.

(03-15-2020) – Randy & Hot Rod Bob, caught up with musician Bill Champlin (Chicago, Sons of Champlin), actor Marc Singer (Beastmaster, V, Arrow) & car builder Bob Hilton…..Champlin and Singer at the Hollywood Show….Hilton at the Grand National Roadster show in Pomona, California! Car Stories galore here, Champlin talks about his first car, actually a panel truck for his musical instruments, Singer on growing up in Texas with Ford families and Chevy families, and Hilton loving those hot rodded model As. But you won’t believe what HIS first car was. Listen, Subscribe, Share!!

TAC 186 – Wally & the Beav, Being the Bad Guy at Disneyland & the Garden Grove cruiser!

Top left, the guys with car, motorcycle builder & pinstriper Rod Sexton, below, “Hot Rod” Bob Beck, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers & Randy Kerdoon.

(03-15-2020) – Just mentioning the name “Wally and the Beav” should send your mind spinning back to a simpler time, TVs were mostly showing programs in black and white, everyone on TV was pretty innocent, no demons causing blood to ooze from eyeballs, and every problem was wrapped up in 30 minutes. Leave it to Beaver ran from 1957 to 1962, and returned in the 80s to see how the Cleaver family everyone back in the day grew up with, was handling kids on their own. Now, Tony Dow (Wally) and Jerry Mathers (the Beaver) are favorites on the Hollywood autograph show circuit, and love to talk about classic TV. Today, we offer up a “twofer”. Dow’s car stories we’ve chronicled on a previous show (TAC 64 which you can hear on Soundcloud!), Click below….

Dow joins us again, this time with Mathers who has great car stories and a story about being the “Bad Guy at Disneyland!”. THEN, Garden Grove car and motorcycle builder and pinstriper Rod Sexton joins us talk his stories from the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. LISTEN, LIKE, SHARE AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!