TAC 178 – Tales of driving a Jeep up a tree & crashing in the “Deathmobile!”

Host Randy Kerdoon, Eliza Roberts, Eric Roberts & “Hot Rod” Bob Beck

(01-19-2020) – (Binge #2), you think you know who actors are, until you find out all you know is the role the actor is playing on TV. Meeting veteran actor Eric Roberts, (older brother of Julia, dad of Emma) and his actor/manager wife Eliza (Animal House….she played Brunela “we want to dance wit yo dates”) was a stunningly cool experience. Eliza shared some behind the scenes car stories from the legendary film, while Eric shared some of his suprisingly scary car stories (nearly died in a Jeep), shocking (you won’t believe what his favorite car is that he refuses to sell to this day), and what his answer is to the question about which car is “like a VW in a Tuxedo!’ Worth the price of admission as we caught up with both at “the HOLLYWOOD SHOW”.

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TAC 177 – a child actor’s coolest car stories, with LUV! (A small Chevy truck)

(01-19-2020) – Finally a chance you for you “Binge” on our “Talking About Cars” podcast, leading off with Scott Baio’s pal on “Charles in Charge” and the wild teen from “Eight is Enough” WILLIE AAMES. It’s been quite the story for Willie who lived the live of successful child actor, but struggled through the excesses that came with too much money at a young age in the 80s.

We talk about his first car (a Chevy LUV truck….remember those?) to his speedy cars that followed, and more! Listen to us (“Hot Rod” Bob) joins us from “the Hollywood Show”…..by clicking below!

TAC 176 – Chachi’s favorite wheels, Scott’s car buying tips!

Randy, Scott Baio and “Hot Rod” Bob at the “Hollywood Show”

(12-30-2019) – One of the great places to see, talk and even take pictures with your favorite celebrities, is the “Hollywood Show” put on by Dave and Ester Elkouby several times a year. We’ve been lucky enough to attend those shows and talked with many celebrities about their cool (and sometimes unknown) car stories.

Most recently Bob and I had the chance to talk with SCOTT BAIO of HAPPY DAYS and CHARLES IN CHARGE fame. Scott grew up in New York/New Jersey and the cars he grew with might surprise you. As much as he likes classic cars, a bad experience with one such car, has tempered his urge to buy a bunch of them for his garage. It’s a classic angel/devil, on my shoulders, debate.

BONUS : While Scott remembers his struggles with a certain car, it reminded me of a previous interview with TONY DOW of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER fame, as he remembers a decision surrounding a similar car! That’s part of this podcast too!

Lauren and Tony Dow with his original first car, a 63 Corvair Spyder

LISTEN to our talk with Scott, let us know what you think, and stay tuned for MORE celebs and their car stories from “the HOLLYWOOD SHOW”!! (FYI, The Next Hollywood Show is the last weekend of January 2020, go to the HollywoodShow.com website for more!

TAC 175 – Hanging with Dina & Car Chix!

Randy, Jeanette Desjardins of Car Chix, racer driver Dina Parise, Hot Rod Bob at SEMA 2019

(12-30–2019) – For many, hanging with “Chix” can be fun. Hanging with “CAR Chix” can be awesome!! Randy and “Hot Rod” Bob spent time at their “interview central” spot at the Mooneyes Booth with drag racer Dina Parise, and the head of “Car Chix” Jeanette Desjardins (prounced Day-jar-day….it’s a French/Canadian thing). The conversation was fun, and we learned about Cadillac dragsters, and the “Chix”, a group of women car nuts that love 4 wheels. Check them out by clicking he podcast below!!

TAC 174 – Tom’s stories (part 2), Elon’s truck, Fireball’s coloring books.

(12-15-2019) – This week, we continue our SEMA conversation with Tom Cotter of “Barn Find Hunter” (who admittedly had enough stories to pack a Part 3, 4 or 12), we catch up with our pal “Fireball Tim” Lawrence to chat about Elon Musk’s radical Tesla pickup truck, and Fireball’s latest creations, car coloring books!!

The Tesla truck concept

The Tesla truck has been an odd duck. Some have compared it to a child’s stick drawing come true, others tout it as a preview into car design of the future (or a Pontiac Aztec on steroids). Whatever it is, Fireball (his real name) is hesitant to put forth a definative opinion before he actually gets to drive it or at least ride in it. He has a point. We are visual beings, what if this Tesla proves to be amazing? And HOW many people put down $100 deposits on that truck?? Someone is going to be very disappointed….or ecstatic. Stay tuned.

Are you a doodler? Need something to take your mind off the world or, have kids Or grandkids who could be introduced to the fabulous world of cars and trucks? Check out Fireball Tim’s cool coloring books, (available at Amazon and at certain car museums in California). FT talks about those and more!! Thanks for listening and being a fan of our podcast. Click below to hear the entire podcast, and please tell your car pals about us, Share us on FB, Retweet on Twitter, and show your support by following us on social media!! Thanks!!

TAC 173 – Barn Find trekking across the USA, Part 1.

Top Left : A 57 Olds “Barn Find, Top Ridge 1 of 18 cars owned by our guest, Bottom, “Hot Rod” Bob Beck, Tom Cotter, Randy Kerdoon

(12-07-2019) – Part of having my two classic cars insured by Hagerty Insurance is getting their weekly updates of stories and nice “car content”. Twice a month, I get directed to watch a cool show called “Barn Find Hunter” on YouTube. Think “Chasing Classic Cars” but just to take pictures and ask about the car’s history, not buy them. The host is the affable Tom Cotter, who tools around most of the time in a 1939 Ford Woody Wagon. Cotter told “Hot Rod” Bob and I at our spot in the Mooneyes booth at SEMA last month that the wagon usually is the difference in whether he gets to look at cars or not. Unlike some shows, where producers call in advance and set up meetings, Tom likes to just show up in some small town, and ask car people he sees about where the cool Barn Finds could be. Through a network of these “one thing leads to another” conversations, comes some great car finds. Sure, the cars aren’t running most of the time….but the stories they are part of are worth the time!

Photo courtesy of Tom Cotter

Cotter notes he personally has 18 cars, which he attempts to list for us, including the Morris Minor in the graphic at the top and the car shown above. Cotter hasn’t quite hit all 50 states yet…..but plans to sometime….where oh where will he go next? Check out “Barn Find Hunter” on YouTube, and please listen to Part 1 of our interview with Tom by clicking the link below. Part 2 comes up along with a holiday gift idea with our TAC pal “Fireball” Tim this Thursday, December 12th!

Next to my favorite on line shows, “Ant Anstead – Master Mechanic”, Scott Newstead’s “Cold War Motors”, and Steve Magnante’s Junkyard Gold….”Barn Find Hunter” is a must see!

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TAC 172 : Going into the wayback machine to visit Richard Carpenter

Host Randy Kerdoon & Richard Carpenter (The Carpenters)

(12-01-2019) – Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving break! For this week’s episode we dusted off a 2015 interview I did with music icon and real “car guy” Richard Carpenter, who with his late sister Karen wow’d the music world with their tunes! Richard is quite the car guy, and while he favors Mopars, he has his share of other brands like a mid sixties front wheel drive Cadillac’s Eldorado to a Mark II Continental. I caught up with Richard at his warehouse in the Conejo Valley outside of Los Angeles. He loves to talk cars! While I posted several pics from his collection on my Talking About Cars facebook page, I’ll post two here.

A 1956 Chrysler 300B

Note the picture above and the dark 1965 Plymouth Belvedere convertible behind it. That car was actually bought by Richard’s father, and stayed in the family. The car was actually one of two Carpenter owned cars that appeared on Carpenters album covers.

1957 Chrysler Imperial converible

Once again it’s not about the car you see, but what’s behind it. That got red car in the windshield, is the other car that appeared in a Carpenter’s album cover. A Ferrari that Richard was less than thrilled about the shot used for that cover. He explains why in the podcast. It reminds me that I need to return to see his collection and find out if there’s anything new there today! Stay tuned!

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TAC 171 – Down goes Jacobs, Down goes Jacobs! With Chris, AJ & Garlits!

Top Left : Hot Rod Bob with “Big Daddy” Don Garlits; Top Right : Adrienne “AJ” Janic; Bottom, Bob, Randy Kerdoon & Chris Jacobs.

(11-23-2019) – Dateline the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas! Hard to believe that the first original classic car “makeover” show, “Overhaulin” appeared 15 years ago in 2004. It featured car designer Chip Foose, prankster and car guy Chris Jacobs and the daughter of a race car driver, Courtney Hansen. Adrienne Janic, the late Jessi Combs (still not used to writing that) and Ariana Celeste would later follow. The Show took a break in 2008….resumed in 2012, and once and for all ended in 2015. Or did it? It’s back for a 3rd incantation on Motor Trend with Foose, Jacobs and “AJ” (who happens to be the wife of producer Bud Brutsman.). There will be some differences with this new “Overhaulin’ which Chris and AJ tell Randy and Bob in this new podcast. It also includes a first for the show, the first time Jacobs gets punched while pranking the owner of the car they will be Overhaulin’. WAS CHRIS KO’d? More importantly….DID HE STAY IN CHARACTER??

BEHIND THE SCENES : Chris and A.J. have been friends of TAC for some time. We caught up with Chris at the Motor Trend/Discovery booth, located near area at SEMA where vehicles are often flying over dirt mounds or shredding tires to show their handling around curves. Not conducive to audio interviews (remember during TAC #100 when our interview with Mike and Ant from Wheeler Dealers were done with the sounds of tire pieces pelting the walls of the tent where the interviews took place). So…Chris led us into a small booth on the Motor Trend complex, surprising some camera, audio and director guys who were setting up a promo shoot. So, we actually had an audience…of 3. Hmmm, wonder if the cameras were on? A.J. stopped by the Mooneyes booth (where we called home at SEMA) where not only did she give a great interview….but was kind enough to autograph us a couple of her new car calendars! “Classy enough to show your wives and girlfriends” she told us. She was right! Thanks A.J.!

Also at SEMA, “Hot Rod” Bob caught up with NHRA legend “Big Daddy” Don Garlits. (Ever notice anyone connected to drag racing has a “nickname” attached to their name?). The interview was fun, and with Garlits holding nothing back, educational and amusing! The 87 year old also talks about his current EV dragster project!

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TAC 170 – Where’s Edd? With us, on his casual lofa, talking about his book, ice cream, parliment and more!

(11-17-2019) – What could be better than talking with the lanky and affable former Wheeler Dealer Edd China? Hanging with Edd on his “casual lofa” motorized sofa and yes, it does have front and back lights, turn signals (in the flower pots), a speedometer in the clock, hand controls for gas (a “Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup handle), brakes (a can of beer) and steering (a pizza container with an actual faux pizza inside).

Randy and his wife Marta had a chance to take a ride with Edd (it’s all over our social media). We’re told the “lofa” can get up to 80 miles an hour, but we’re not so sure we want to be a passenger at that speed unless we are covered by layers of bubble wrap!

The Lofa “Pizza Wheel“

Where’s Edd now on your TV? Edd has some answers, plus we talk about his great book “Grease Junkie”, his electric ice cream truck, his car rebuild show on you tube, and fans ask Edd questions! Check out the podcast below, LISTEN, LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW US, and SUBSCRIBE! (it’s free)

TAC 169 – Strope Part 2 : the show, the 2020 PGA car & Steve the musician!

Above, a Strope early 70s road runner; below, Randy, Steve, “Hot Rod” Bob

(11-09-2019) – If you liked Part 1, Part 2 with Steve Strope from his “Pure Vision” workshop includes talk about his TV show “Hand Built Hot Rods”, the ‘73 Challenger won by So Cal’s Kevin Na at the Challenge PGA event at the Colonial Golf Course in Texas, what car he has in store for the same event in 2020, and how Steve is a musician, and plays in a group!

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