TAC 98 – Matt Farah of the “Smoking Tire”

(10-27-2017) – Ever wonder the difference between a “Donk”, a “Box” and a “Bubble”?     What IS the definition of “Streetmeat” in Oman?   Why does Matt have a “Million Mile” Lexus?    And why would Matt tell me, “No one is donking an Aries K”?     These and more answers to questions you haven’t thought of are in our new Talking About Cars podcast number 98 with Matt Farah of the Smoking Tire.     Matt is kind of a You-Tube pioneer….listen below as he explains it all!!

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TAC 97 – Heather Storm & Joe Zolper of Velocity’s “Garage Squad”

(10-14-2017) – Garage Squad is in it’s 4th season on Velocity, and stands out among the other car fix-it shows in that it’s not only a bunch of people wrenching on a car, but it’s the story of their owners.    I mean let’s face it…how many of us has either bought a classic car, or inherited one from a family member, intending on “fixing it up” only to have it sit in the garage or on the side of the house covered by a tarp.    I’ll get to it soon, we all tell ourselves, then one day we wake up 20 years later…and the poor beast is now a rat hotel rust bucket.    Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just show up and….help you get it running?    Fans love watching Bruno, Heather, Joe and Cy (among others) show up and take their car apart and put it back into the hot rod of their dreams.    LISTEN to a really fun interview with Heather Storm (who first told her car story to us in TAC 41 a couple of years ago) and Joe Zolper, the lead mechanic who also runs “Prison City Customs” in Joliet, Illinois.    You will get some great behind-the-scenes information on how to submit your OWN car to Garage Squad….and some really great car stories!!   And….find out what Heather and Joe’s “secret” talents are!

TAC 96 – with “Roadkill Magazine’s Elana Scherr!

(Sept 30, 2017) — There are some great car magazines out there….including the “classics”, “Rod & Custom”, “Car Craft” and of course “Hot Rod”.    Take one of those….add the DNA of Mad Magazine, Mad Scientist Monthly and Saturday Night Live…and you have….ROADKILL!    The wildly successful video online and youtube series that has led to a magazine.    Elana Scherr is a former writer for “Hot Rod” Magazine who definately has the spirit of a classic car person!

LISTEN below to my interview with Elana, as we talk the first car she remembers, her Mopar menagerie at home, her love of the Opel GT (mini-vette), some Roadkill Car Stories, the career she almost ventured into, and what she posts on her twitter page that isn’t about cars at all!

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TAC 95 – RMD Garage’s Ralph Holguin and his “Krates”

(Sept 15, 2017) — in a non-descript shopping mall in North Long Beach stands “RMD Garage”….the home of a new show on Discovery/Velocity TV, which introduces us to Ralph Holguin.    A man who built a customizing shop and marketing empire from a simple detailing business.    Ralph’s attention to detail is striking as seen with his car builds showcased on the TV program, and more important, he’s having fun while doing it.     Listen to Ralph give us his great car stories of how 7 teenagers (and him) fit in a Karmann-Ghia, what car he’d love to buy from Ralph Lauren, what bikes he’s missing from his Schwinn Stingray “Krate” collection (see above) and which car his parents owned was lovingly called “Booger” by his siblings.   Don’t forget to Subscribe!!

TAC 94 – with Paul Moyer & Dave Kunz with a new home!!

(09-01-2017) – Talking About Cars 94 is up for your listening pleasure with two car guys from Los Angeles Television!    Paul Moyer is a former TV news anchor that worked in LA since the 70s…and before that Pittsburgh, Peoria, and Tucson (just to name a few) before retiring in 2009.  Dave Kunz is an automobile reporter for KABC TV in LA….both are So Cal Natives and both have some great car stories!    BONUS….Paul talks about if he misses the biz….and other TV newsies in LA who are car people….Dave talks about growing up a car guy….from his Vega to his current Mustang “Bullitt” clone and more!

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Holy Tights Batman!! TAC 93 has Robin IN the Batmobile!

(August 1, 2017) – When you think of iconic cars in the world of TV and Movies, you have to think of the “original” 1966 Batmobile!    The car that was prominently featured in the 60s ABC TV version of Batman, starring Adam West and Burt Ward!    It’s campy view of crimefighting was a hit for three seasons.    During a “Hollywood Show” in Los Angeles, we caught up with Burt Ward, who gave us an entertaining interview talking about how he got the roll as Robin, the Boy Wonder….the movie he nearly was the star of….(that you know of well)….trouble with wearing tights….his co-star, the late Adam West….and….what he’s doing now with his wife ….for the love of dogs.    Big Dogs.

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TAC 93 – “To the BATCAVE!!!” Burt Ward on playing a superhero in tights, saving canines one dog at a time, and the late great Adam West!

Earlier this year our friends at “The Hollywood Show” announced they had TV’s Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward, in their final appearance together!!    It promised meet and greets, autographs and picture taking sessions with the 60’s “Dynamic Duo” at their popular autograph show near the LA Airport.    Fans who took advantage had to be thrilled.    Sadly as it turned out, their promise of “final appearance” turned out to be more prophetic than anyone really wanted.    Weeks later, West, who also played “Mayor West” in Family Guy….passed away at the age of 88.    While West declined to be interviewed at the show, Ward agreed and we had a great time sitting in the above “Batmobile” clone and shooting the breeze about his first nerve wracking day on the job, his memories about West (in the present tense, remember West was alive at that time), the movie role he would have had if the Batman producers would have allowed him…..(think….Dustin Hoffman ended up with the role), why he is now in the Dog Food business….and….his pal….the late Kato….Bruce Lee!

Talking About Cars, food, racing in the dark and Ford GTs!!


(06-15-2017)  –  HEY EVERYONE!!  Miss us??   Back for another fun “Talking About Cars” with the common factor….the all new FORD GT!!  The car that won the 24 hours of LeMans in 2016!    Joey Hand of Chip Ganassi Racing was one of three drivers who piloted the winning car through it’s paces last year, (with Sebastian Bourdais and Dirk Muller), we talk about the race, the crowds, the body surfing (wait, what?) and doing 200 mph at 3 a.m…..legally.    Also joining us, from the Flavor of LA Facebook Live feed, Car Crazy’s Barry Meguiar, who showed up at the event with a black 2005 Ford GT 40….(his own car) and what’s up with him and the color black anyway?    I compare him with a singer he says….no one has ever talked with him about before, ALSO….what Dodger Stadium has to do with the early start of the car collecting hobby as we know it, the religious implications of his 1901 Duryea, and what countries outside the US does he feel have the best car hobbyists?      LISTEN to TAC 92 by “clicking the link above!!    It is EXCLUSIVELY ON I-Tunes and Soundcloud (if you find it on any other sites, it’s likely been pirated and our lawyers will be billing them for that soon!)   Enjoy!!

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TAC 90 – Talking “Storage Wars”, Mustangs and Camaros with Dan & Laura Dotson!

An all new “Storage Wars” debuts on April 12th on A&E, so we get to get the inside scoop with auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson!! The fun couple joined us at Crevier Classic Cars in Irvine, California where Randy interviewed them in a classic 1962 Chrysler Imperial!! We also were able to get the background on Laura’s experience in a punk rock band, and why it took Dan THREE YEARS to ask Laura out after they met!! Don’t forget….SUBSCRIBE ON YOU TUBE, iTunes, Facebook and Soundcloud to our video and audio podcasts….AND FOLLOW US on Twitter and Instagram!! Also…we’d love to hear what you think about our podcasts!! Write us a review….and rate us (on iTunes!)