TAC 89 – A “bitchin” interview with Dave Kindig!!

Check out our brand new Talking About Cars interview with Dave Kindig of Velocity TV’s “Bitchin’ Rides”!!     We caught up with Dave inside a ’55 Nomad wagon Dave and his crew spent a LOT of time on (Dave never says how much it cost the actual owner to make this car….but it’s wasn’t as much as the “Copper Candy”….and the GM “Carousel of Progress” truck!)    Click below and get Dave’s stories of the first car that put him on the customizing map in his home state of Utah….his tips of beard and goatee care….and can he do better at our TAC trivia than Wayne Carini!

TAC 88 – Wayne Carini is BACK!!!

Last time we were lucky to get Wayne Carini on Talking About Cars, not only was he a great interview, but TAC 44 actually was honored with two ISVP awards from the International Automobile Media Competition …..but we were also nominated for a best audio podcast award by the Motor Press Guild in California!!     Now with our new video format, and Wayne being at the inaugural “Classic Auto Show” in Los Angeles in January, we had to have him back!    Check out our video podcast with Wayne as we sit INSIDE his “built from scratch” 2 seat roadster!!     You can WATCH our video by clicking below OR you can always LISTEN to it on iTunes Podcasts!!

TAC 87 with Dave Magers of Mecum Auctions!!

Check out our brand new TAC 87 with Mecum Auctions CEO Dave Magers!    Dave went from the insurance industry, to the “used car business”!    At least, that’s what he told his wife.   Join us as Dave talks about his first car…and the car we are sitting in…an amazing Porsche 918 hybrid!!    On a personal note, I look forward to the day we have a budget where we can actually take one of these cars on the road!!   Or maybe….they don’t trust me with the keys….hmmmm!    WATCH US on YouTube and Facebook, LISTEN TO US on iTunes and Soundcloud, Please SHARE, RETWEET, COMMENT, and if you go on iTunes, give us a review!!!


TAC 86 – the real story behind the original Starsky & Hutch Torino

(02-03-2017)  If you’ve ever seen the original Starsky and Hutch TV show or even the 2004 Starsky and Hutch movie, you saw the REAL star of the show in action….that mid 70s Ford Torino!    It was loved by S & H fans everywhere.    As for the actors….it was not exactly love.   Check out our TAC 86 below…..or LISTEN  on iTunes, click above or Soundcloud!  (BONUS : the real story behind Shaquille O’Neal’s movie “Kazaam” and how it connects with one of the stars from the S&H TV show!)

TAC 85 – our TBT best of Barrett-Jackson edition!!

To pay tribute this year’s Barrett-Jackson auctions in Scottsdale, we offer a “Throwback Thursday” interview with Richard Rawlings of “Fast and Loud” and “Gas Monkey Garage” fame, INSIDE the “Smokey and the Bandit” promo car that sold for $500,000 in 2016!    Richard shared with us what his first car was before he managed to buy his second car….a Firebird Trans-Am.    It’s a car that not only does he regret selling….but would buy it back if anyone out there knows where it is!

Click below to watch our interview with Richard!    Also on our audio only TAC 85…bonus TBT interviews with Bo Duke himself, John Schneider, Golf’s Bubba Watson, Velocity’s Rick DeBruhl and Mr. Barrett-Jackson himself, Craig Jackson.    Click above to listen on iTunes or Soundcloud!

a brand new TAC 86 comes up on February 6th!!!!     Tell your friends and share and retweet us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!!

TAC 84 is up, with Chip Foose of Overhaulin’ fame!!

We are starting off 2017 with a big bang!    Car stylist and builder Chip Foose joined our Talking About Cars crew at Crevier Classic Cars in Costa Mesa, CA where we sat in a 427 Cobra and Talked about Cars!!

Watch our youtube interview (it’s also available on Facebook) and you can listen in your car on iTunes!!  (click the “guests” tab or Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud tabs)….then SHARE and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

2016, what a year for “Talking About Cars!”

We won awards, we were finalists for a MOTOR PRESS GUILD AWARD, and we began doing a VIDEO podcast (on facebook & youtube) as well as our audio podcasts on iTunes!!    Check out some of our video highlights and let us know what you think!    PLUS, we have our exclusive audio “Best of 2016” podcast too.    Listen to that in your car going to work or out on a drive!!   Clips of some of our best guests!!   NOW our VIDEO!!!

Talking About Cars 83 is now on line!! A former Angel and Miss Hurst Shifter!!

Happy Holidays from Talking About Cars!!    A brand new TAC 83 is online with two special guests!!

First, our new Talking About Cars VIDEO Podcast with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim free agent pitcher C.J. Wilson!!   We caught up with C.J. at the recent Mecum Auction in Anaheim, California!    Check out the car we did the interview in…a BENTLEY!!       WATCH IT by clicking below!

and our other guest, an iTunes podcast EXCLUSIVE……C.J. and the First Lady of Motorsports, LINDA VAUGHN!!

     img_0528   IMG_3825

 To hear both Linda, talking about her new book, her first car and her love of everything automotive, and CJ Wilson…click below on the link and listen!    Perfect for when you are on the road and just want to give your eyes a rest and your imagination a workout!


Now you have a choice!!!

“Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon” now gives our fans a choice!   You can still LISTEN to our podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud (and a multitude of other sites) and now you can WATCH our interviews on Facebook Video and YouTube!!

TAC 80 features NFL alum LaMarr Woodley and James Torrez from Demented Customs in a 1957 Lincoln Premiere convertible at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California to talk about their new show on the NFL Network called “Tackle My Ride”

TAC 81 features cohost Oliver Trevena in a 1948 Triumph Sportscar from the ADM as we talk about his new show “Joyride” on the Esquire Network.

TAC 82 features Anaheim Ducks skater Ryan Getzlaf in a Porsche at the Mecum Auctions in Anaheim, California talking about his love of cars and the car collection of former teammate Teemu Selanne!

TAC is honored by the MPG


A big thank you to the Motor Press Guild for making our Talking About Cars 44 with Wayne Carini of “Chasing Classic Cars”, the late George Barris and our coverage of Barris’ “Celebration of Life” as a FINALIST for an MPG Award for “Best Audio of 2016!”    We are in pretty heady company with Adam Corolla’s CarCast podcast and another podcast from the guys at Motor Trend!   It’s incredibly great to just be named in the same breath as these other veteran podcasts!   The awards will be announced in mid December.     Check out our entry podcast on iTunes!!